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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Hayden04, May 12, 2019.

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    I am looking for a plugin that does Pin Trading like Disney Parks do. We want a easy plugin that isn’t to complicated. We want it to have GUI feature to show the pins that you have. The pins will be blocks that are textured.

    Plugin Name: SWMCPins

    Commands and Features of the commands :
    /pin list : Pulls up the GUI showing the blocks that are textured pins.

    /pin review (player) : Staff can see what pins the player has.

    /pin add (player name) (block id) (lore) : This will add the pins to the GUI so they can see them. And the if you can make the lore colored it is mainly to show what staff gave them the pin. Example : /pin add hayden04 1 Llama:Traded

    /pin remove (player name) (block id) : Removes the pin from the GUI

    Command Nodes :


    I would like this plugin. 5/15/19
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    What do you mean?
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    So like a texture pack.
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    @Hayden04 Meaning you have a texture pack that'll change the texture of an item in the GUI? Also, you forgot the minecraft version that the plugin should be built for.
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    Version 1.12.1
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    @Hayden04 You didn't answer my question.
    EDIT: By this i mean "do YOU have a texture pack that'll change the textures of the items from the plugin?" (Do you take care of the item skin for the durability on your part?)
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    @KarimAKL Yes we take care of the rest we just need the plugin.
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    @Hayden04 When you add and remove a pin, how would you choose the damage value? (Seems you only have 'block id', which i would guess is only the material)
    Also, what is 'lore'? Is it like the item's lore? In that case, do you want to be able to make spaces?
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