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    Hello so ive been on a prison server called 'Epsilon Prison' and they had a plugin that did so when u right click a pickaxe it sells your stuff from a mine



    Extra: Yes i know that it says MAIN.MAIN in plugin.yml but let me say something it works

    The problem is that an error comes up in console

    Sorry but that doesn't work @Konato_K.
    We tried this with NMS at 2 ticks delay and it works sometimes at different computers.
    I think the client can only set walking speed if he changed the world successfully.

    I found a interesting issue on attlasian.
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    You cannot use == in combination with ItemStacks, use .isSimiliar for example, however once the durability of your Pickaxe changes, this is not going to work.
    In case you want to ignore the durability simply compare the Material using
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    Still didn't work but now ive learned something about durability tho it still comes with like spigot 1567 error (i think it was) but just asking do u know if i can do this with autosell?
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