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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by adam24786, Dec 9, 2016.

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    I don't know if this exists yet for 1.10, but I would like to have a plugin where a pickaxe has custom enchants like when you break a block, it breaks other blocks around this. You can see this kind of thing on the clubobsidian server, but I'm pretty sure that was a personal developer who did it. If there is something like this please notify me, I'm just looking for maybe an explosion effect or just when you break one block everything around it in a 3 block radius breaks, you can change the radius, etc. If something does exist I don't need it to be as good as I described, but anyway, I think a lot of people would want this. If it exists somebody has to know. Thanks.
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    If you want a plugin made please follow the guide at the top of the page so we can understand what you want. Thanks!
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    I'd rather first know if it exists or not. I don't need it made unless it doesn't exist.
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    There is a version of this pickaxe request in the plugin Slimefun, but it comes with a bunch of other stuff that you may not want. (I think you can disable the rest of the stuff, though?)
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    It is in Slimefun, the Explosive Pickaxe, but is completely unnecessary.
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