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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by skyurb, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been working on an admin which communicates directly with command line to manage my minecraft box without any .jar files. Currently it can do the following:

    Features Working:
    - Start/Stop/Restart Service
    - Install plugins through web
    - List of all plugins downloaded
    - List of plugins are actually in plugin folder
    - Editor to manage plugin files
    - Player Actions (Kick,Ban,Parton,Op,Give)

    Features to Come:
    - Setup Recurring backups
    - One Click Restores
    - Status display if plugin was activated when booted (Just because a plugin is in the folder does not mean it was activated when started. Want to write a script to figure out if each plugin is truely active or not so issues can be resolved.
    - API for plugin developers to write easy to use GUI interface for web
    - Manage multiple servers

    This currently runs on CentOS 5.6, Apache 2.2, PHP5.3, MySQL 5.5, and bukkit 1.7.3 1060 but it should be able to run on any linux, web serv, and/or db combo as long as screen and php5.3 is installed.

    Any one have any thoughts on this? From what I have read many people could use a script as such. I was not planning to release it but figure if so many people would benefit some good donations for the work would be much appreciated.

    Also, figuring out a good name would be cool. I am almost done with my minecraft server and website so hope to launch all of this at the same time.

    -- edit --
    I could also add features for server administration as well such as: apache, mysql, php, if that would be helpful.
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    Well, you could join our team, we also got something like this in the making.
    Got skype? add me: sybren.gjaltema
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    Yes if you would please join our team we would love it
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