[PHP][WEB] Permissions manager v1.1 + Permissions Converter v1.0 !! + Get data from player.dat !

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Pr4w, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Protip: when using a version of a plugin built against the latest version of another plugin use the latest version of the other plugin.
    ie. use 1.8.2b or later
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    Just a random addition to your getplayerinfo script:
    I removed most of the lines because sometimes the datapoints do not match, ie: I have two .dat files and for the first user the health info was in 15 and for the other it was in 12.
    Thus I replaced the playerinfo array with this:
    FOREACH($nbt->root[0]['value'] AS $data){
    $playerInfo[$data['name']] = $data['value'];
    furthermore: I cannot seem to get data from the permissions class. it says function"display" was not found.
    Any pointers on how to call the functions other than the standard $data=display($file); ?
    I am an idiot...

    Otherwise GREAT tool. I currently have the full inventory/health and xp status displayed online.
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    Yeah, I think Notch changed the way the .dats are layed out, haven't really updated it since, but thanks ! :D
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    Great scripts which will come handy when I'm building my donation system. Thanks!

    P.S Keep going you got a nice group of scripts and a good talent.
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