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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by resba, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. As we all know the forums are being phased out and being replaced with BukkitDev. During this transition period we would like to remind everyone to please keep your threads updated. While we are allowing people to use the forums for placeholders topics for "Get Plugins" we remind you that these still show up on "Get Plugins" and if you don't keep them up to date users will not see your plugins as updated even if they are updated on BukkitDev.

    As per submission guidelines if your topic is not updated to match a recommended build within the last three versions it will be moved to Inactive/Unsupported.

    Once again, thanks for working with us during this transition period.
  2. So after a few days, this forum will be deleted, and you expect us to move our plugins from here to BukkitDev?
    And is going away?
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  3. Where is the plugin? :p
  4. is not going away, it's being switched over to read from BukkitDev instead of the forums. It's posted in EvilSeph's announcement.
  5. Ummm..... 1 more thing. Why are we moving from the forums to BukkitDev?
  6. Because forums were not made for hosting plugins, simple as that.
    BukkitDev has a vast amount of resources available to the dev that make it superior in every way.
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    Does the plugin list read from both currently or just the forums?
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    I prefer the forums still a lot developers still refuse to use the new dev.bukkit community and we all enjoy these forums as a great communication place. I feel that your trying to crush what we have left as individuals.
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    Will a forum be put into BukkitDev? I really enjoy having more than just the plugins to talk about.
  11. There is already a forum, it's just not there by default. The project owners need to activate the forum before it can be used.
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    No More XenForo?????!!!!!! but....but....but...but.but.but....nooooo :(
  13. You still have the forums for everything else, just not plugin releases.
    Forums were never meant for that.
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    Honestly, in my eyes..even though BukkitDev has some nice features for hosting and distributing plugins....but i prefer XenForo to Curse SO much, that I would stay with the current system, now, of course that's a very biased opinion. But seriously, XenForo is just "nicer" im i the only one that thinks that. Of course, on the other hand Im completely for moving to BukkitDev lots of useful things i could use. my root point is that i will miss Xenforo as it will be used alot less often.
  15. I agree with you to a certain extent, although I do still stand with my previous statement that forums were never meant for the upkeep and development of plugins, bukkitdev provides a much easier-to-maintain system that is specifically built for this purpose, allowing a developer all the tools he/she needs to complete a project.

    While some of this may not be as good as it can be right now, I'm certain it will rise to the level of expectation soon enough. Some of the lack of features, like notifications, make it a bit hard to work with, but I'm certain Bukkit and Curse can easily work together to fix things like this.
  16. It would for example, be nice if we could select threads by checking a check box, then mass delete/sticky/move/lock/whatever threads.

    Another thing that would be nice is an integrated alert system.

    They are working on "smoothing the edges" and they have done a great job so far.
  17. Those are Moderator Features :p
  18. Yes they are, but as a plugin author, shouldn't I have access to these same features in my own plugin's forum?

    I have to dig through multiple menus to find the "sticky" or "delete" buttons, and I haven't found how to move threads yet (hopefully I will soon).
  19. Ohhh I know what you mean now. Yeah that would be some good features on your private BukkitDev forum for the plugin
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