PEX or bPermissions?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tadas159, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Which one is better, and why?
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    It's really a matter of opinion, both are good.

    bPermissions is (in the middle of) a complete redesign which is making it a HUGE volume more efficient - I am considering taking the PEX road and handling permissibles myself though.
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    I prefer PEX. I used bPermissions, but it didn't work with some of my plugins.
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    bPermissions was the easiest transition from Permissions 2/3 for me. PEX has more features, but I tend to prefer plugins that focus on one thing, and do it well. Which is why I won't touch Essentials with a ten foot pole.
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    If you are going to be getting alot of players then i would suggest going with PEX since it wont create a permission option thing for every new players. I used bPermissions before then stopped shortly after becuase of the player permissions option and the faction that you cant inherit in bpermissions which really bugged me. Our permissions file ended up to be over 70,000 lines after a short month of using it. It got hard to edit and became really messy. I am unsure what is is like now but thoes are the problems i had in the past with bPermissions. I also had trouble with the chat managers. PEX has their own prefix and suffix built into the system making it really easy and straight forward to edit and change.

    But what really matters is your own personal preferance. Theres very many permissions systems. I have tried all of them and PEX seems to be the cleanest, easiest and most straight forward permissions system for ME. Good luck with your permissions.
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    I've got inheritance now in bPermissions :)
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    Very nice! Cept the super perm's chat managers are alot harder to use instead of jut pustting prefix: '' and suffix: ''

    mchat was a pain in the ass to fix when ever they updated. NEVER using mchat again.
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    Neither. I find PermissionsBukkit does pretty much everything I need, including multiworld permission support. The only thing it does not include is a way to allow a user to promote others without giving them the power to promote to any rank. Otherwise it is a very solid solution if you are just looking for a way to assign players groups.
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    bPermissions FTW

    Edit: I just realized this is a December topic. WHY DID YOU REVIVE IT FOO?
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    I use both.
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    I prefer PEX. I've had the least amount of trouble with it, and it just... works.

    Omnitv: What purpose is there in using both, out of curiosity?
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    i like pex better have tried bperm
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I prefer bPermissions.

    It has a nice webgui client for managing permissions remotely. Great in game and in console commands. Dev is pretty cool guy too: codename_B

    Plus, look at the help forum and see me how many times bPermissions help requests show up. Its very infrequently.
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    What's the most? PEX ;)
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    I prefer bPermissions, but I will have to switch so that I could get PEX's Build Rights mod (modifyworld).

    EDIT: bPermissions is very easy to manage and understand
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    Just find a build rights plugin.. ;)
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    I actually just did. Saved me a ton of time. But when I searched Build Rights I got nothing. Haha. Someone pointed one out to me.
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    I use RoyalCommands for my main commands and it has one included. I was saved the search :)
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    GroupManager, as always :D
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    GM or bPerms, I am pretty sure there is a big bug in pex
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    There is? I'm not aware of this big bug. :3
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    @mbaxter keeps yelling at me about it.
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    Go to the Bukkit Help forum and tell me how many PEX help threads there are ;)
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    Lol, well I know how to use PEX, and how to read the documentation.

    But I have found the fact that I can't /reload the server annoying, although I try to refrain from that anyways, because of RAM usage.

    I might be switching to bPermissions soon. If there's a converter, which I think there is, I'll gladly switch over, probably after it updates to 1.3. :)
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    There is a converter :)
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    Yay! And I was looking at the setup, and it seems pretty similar to PEX, so that's definitely good.
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    Converting is as easy as deleting pex, installing bPermissions (leaving the pex folder untouched) and then running /permissions import pex (command)
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    Ok cool, thanks. :)
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    If PEX ever bugs on me, I will use this.
    Once you import it, will you login and have your name and stuff as normal?
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    So is it still on? At this time which one is better in your opinion. I'm using PEX and not sure if it's being updated anymore. I'm thinking about either bPermissions or Group Manager
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