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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Aurorion, Dec 9, 2013.

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    so my problem is that my default group only has the permission
    but if i set myself to that group non-opped i still can modify the world

    here is my yml files:

    it probably will be a stupid mistake but i can't seem to fix it

    thnx already
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    Aurorion Try adding build: false to the options section for your default group and see if that changes anything.
        default: true
          rank: '500'
          build: false
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    i did that and it only work around the spawn with like a radius of 10/15, but i want my default class not to build anywhere
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    Honestly it sounds to me like it might not be a permissions problem but one of your other plugins doing something. Do you have any other plugins that affect building rights, either directly or indirectly?
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    ONI Ricky

    Have you tested it with other non-op people? It could be just you have a specific permission set to yourself such as "*". So try another random person with no OP and see if it works.
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    i installed antibuild wich works fine now. thnx for the replys
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