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  1. Hello everyone,
    Recently I have created survival and creative worlds on my server using Multiverse. I would like a plugin where depending on what world you are in, your rank ladder is changed preventing any cheating. I am using PEX currently so I would like it to be compatible with it. It would be a add on to make it compatible with economy plugins though I do not need that feature.
    Good Luck to whoever makes this,

    EDIT: Here is an example

    There is World_1 and World_2 and two different rank ladders

    Rank Ladder 1:

    Rank Ladder 2:

    When in World_1, I have Rank Ladder One. When in World_2, I have Rank Ladder Two. If I were even an Admin in World_1, I would be a Natural Default guest in 2

    BONUS: Make it configurable so if you are Admin in one, you are God in the other
    POSSIBLE BUGS: If say Rank Ladder 3 and World_3 come into play, and say it only has a rank called trusted, make it so it is always that no matter what rank you have when the bonus is in place.

    EDIT: I am not fully sure if this is already a command. If it is, please tell me.

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    what you would do is make 2 sets of group permissions
    In world A permissions group PLAYER would have permissions.XYandZ
    In world B permissions group PLAYER would have permissions.Xonly
    In both worlds group ADMIN would have permissions.allofthemyo

    this is already implemented and would require no group changing (on world change) so just have a look at the PEX help and config examples and you'l be able to get it the way you want without to much trouble

    PM me if you run into any snags.
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    Does SetRankPEX do this or not o.o
  4. Updated and gave an example
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