PEX isn't working.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XpertHax, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I've had a few problems with PEX before like blocking chat, etc. But now, permissions aren't working. I asked a few testers to do a command with the permission node matching and it doesn't work for all of them.
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    It may have something to do with the spacing of the config. If you have Notepad++ You can see where the errors occur. They will be in red I believe.
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    Do /pex reload and then if there are any errors in your config, send them here or if there are none, restart the server and send in the console from where it says the server is starting to when it finishes starting the server.
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    It is in red but I can't seem to see what the problem is there. In the morning, I'll run it in a YAML parser but right now I don't know.

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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    XpertHax I don't see any formatting errors that would break the perms file; it passes on the parser too. Could you paste your startup log? Maybe it'll show the problem when it tries to initialize Pex.
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