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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by aikainnet, Apr 1, 2017.

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    So I've been wracking my brain over why pex will not label my groups right, nor give some of them ranks, finally I am coming here for some assistance. Mind you, I am quite new with YAML but not with other code. I have included a pastebin of my permissions.yml as well as added my console information from /pex group. As you can see in the pastebin, I have ranks decreasing by values of 100 each for each rank, but pex is not registering them.

    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO owner #0 (rank: 1@default) []
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO admin #0 (rank: 200@default) [moderator]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO moderator #0 (rank: 300@default) [legend]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO legend #0 [hero]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO hero #0 [gamemaster]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO gamemaster #0 [sponsor]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO sponsor #0 [donator]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO donator #0 [member]
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO member #0 (rank: 900@default) []
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO default #0 (rank: 1000@default) []
    01.04 07:42:51 [Server] INFO Registered groups:
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @aikainnet Your file is wrongly indented at the moment.
    Check the indentation after each options tag
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    Oh... my... god... I feel so stupid for missing indents... Thank you so much for the help @timtower
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    Mark this as solved!
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