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  1. PEX-Builder v1.1
    Hi everyone. In the past few days I have developed an application, that helps you to create a permissions.yml for the permission plugin called for PermisionsEX. However, I got the idea from another application called for PermissionsEX Configuration Program by Nathan060700, but his program is made in the VB.NET language, so it only works on Windows. In addition, I have been inspired by his layout designs.
    PEX-Builder is created in Java and with the JavaFX GUI.

    By using this application, you are responsable for incidents that might or will happen from this program.
    Also, I do not test if the generated yml works. I have followed the github of PEX to see if the syntax is correct, nevertheless, tell me if it does not work.

    • Add Groups
      • Multiworld permission
      • Inheritance
      • Permissions
    • Add Players
      • Set group
      • Permissions
    • Generate
    To add a new world tab, press the left mouse-button on the tabpane while holding SHIFT. To remove, select the tab you want removed and press right mouse-button while holding SHIFT (no warnings).

    I tried to insert an image, but it wont render, so here is the link:

    If you prefer the .NET framework (layout), the link to Nathan's application can be found below:


    15/08/2017: v1.1 - Multiworld compatiable, rank added to groups & listviews changed to textareas.
    13/08/2017: v1.0 - Released.
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