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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by john924xps, May 3, 2012.

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    Is there such thing as a node for PEX so this guy can do this, but except that, like:
    except player.Commando

    Is it possible to do that? I've got a lot more things I want to do with the 'except' thing. Any way?? I tried putting the negative nodes on top, and the 'against' nodes below, but that didnt work...
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    if this is (give this permission)
    - essentials.afk

    than this is (take away that permission)
    - -essentials.afk

    2 - - marks works as negative permission but there is 1 thing you need to remember pex read from top to bottom from up to down
    so in other words what is given above cant be taken below so all negative permissions need to be placed on top

    so for example this is my pex and i want to take away my self permission to go afk


    and so group noob can do anything with essentials and me too but i cant go afk

    but if you want it per group restriction


    but in any of that case you need to watch out your inheritance cause its easy to mess up so try negative permissions and if it dont work paste it here
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