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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gameswereus, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I run a PvP server, as many of you do. I use NoCheat as many of you do. But wouldn't it be nice to get rid of all the Zombe modders again as we used to be able to do with CFBanner? There are many aspects of the mod that still work despite having NoCheat enabled.

    Once we get a good amount of signatures, I will PM them to our dear CainFoool
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    Add no-z-fly or no-z-cheat to the server login message (the one coming up after you log in). The plugin didn't do much more actually.
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    Nathan C

    Zombemod is not the only hack client. There is countless others that can't be blocked by a banner.
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    My thinking is that at a few people would give up and just play the game. If that'd happen, I have no idea.
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    Sadly it takes one line of code to bypass that. It only deters casual rule breakers. I myself am looking to find a full proof way to detect hacked clients.
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    NoCheat. You aren't going to find anything better than that... Take a look at a few popular free/paid hack clients, most damaging features can be blocked by NoCheat.
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    I am soon going to be providing a fairly big update which will block several client mods.
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    very Awesome! [​IMG]
  9. *sigh* Cant explain in words how much I miss a helpful blocker like CFBanner... Man, things have been much easier those days! =)
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    Same here. However 1.9.3 still works very well on R4 and early R5 builds of CB. :)
    Im just hoping for a 2.1 update as that totally seems to be broken :(
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