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    I want to make a bungeecord server but my hosting site don't have this feature so im trying to make a (fake) budgeecord server perworlds.. so can anyone please make a plugin that gives the players money and pay command and sethome command and home command and warps and kits and tpa and tpahere and tpaccept perworld?! with permissions?! and i want to controll how many homes any groupmanager group can set in the config.yml.. i hope you can help me with that

    Commands ideas: /warp, /setwarp, /money, /pay, /balance [/bal], /balancetop [/baltop], /sethome , /home, /kit ,/kits ,/Tpa ,/TpaHere ,/TpAccept

    permissions ideas: pws.warp, pws.setwarp,,, pws.bal, pws.baltop, pws.sethome, pws.home, pws.kit, pws.kits, pws.tpa, pws.tpahere, pws.tpaccept

    Please answer me as soon as possible!!

    Thanks!! :rolleyes:
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    Anyone can have a bungeecord server does not matter on the host just if you have couple of servers and have a bungeecord jar for the proxy server
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    Danielh90 what should i do to make a bungeecord server?! i searched in youtube and they are runing 3 consoles but on the hosting site i can just run 1 console so how can i make the budgeecord?! my hosting site is please check if i can make a bungeecord server there! and thanks :D

    Danielh90 but i can't buy 2 servers thats why i want to make a fake bungeecord with plugins

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