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    Ahoy everyone! The title says it all, I need a plugin that let's me set spawns for each world. So if a player in worldA types /spawn, he will be teleported to the worldA spawn that was set with /setspawn. I need a delay to be added and the ability to add A CUSTOM MESSAGE WITH COLORS in the config for when a player has to wait to be teleported, if the teleportation cancels and when he teleports.

    Example: player does /spawn and this is what he sees in chat:
    Hold still! You will be teleported in 5 seconds...
    (If the player is attacked or moves it will cancel the teleport and this message will come up: Teleporting canceled)
    *whoop* (message that comes up when someone successfully telelports to spawn)
    (All the messages are in lightgrey: &7)

    Permission ideas: let's players use the /spawn command to go to the world spawn permission to set a spawn in worlds
    spawn.delaybypass bypass the delay of the teleportation that was set in the config

    I've already tried to configure multiverse, essentials, HomeSpawnPlus, HubThat, SpawnX Reborn, SimpleWorldSpawn and SpawnControl!! None of them suits my needs, PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST!

    Thanks so much in advance,
    Kind regards,

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    I'll try!
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    Thanks so much!
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    hi can u tell me when this is done i might need it on my server :)
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    Sorry it is taking me so long, I'm having issues on my new computer and I don't type as fast, also, I'm having issues with the pvp cancel feature. I'll keep trying though!

    Ok! I believe I am done. I tested everything and it all works. I have the teleportation cancel if the get hit by anything. And I have custom messages in the config. How do you want me to give this out?

    I just decided to make a new plugin on bukkit. So @reopkopres and @Nodshi here it is! Clickkkkkkkk

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    Hmm, there seems to be a couple problems. So setting a spawn works fine, but I can't seem to find where to put the delay or the custom messages (in the plugin folder there is just a file called spawns.yml which just says the spawns set in each world with their xyz coords). Another thing is that pws.spawn doesn't seem to work, I think essentials is overwriting the command /spawn because it still says that the player doesn't have permissions when they type /spawn, while I put pws.spawn in their permissions (but OPs teleport fine). Also, you mentioned that the teleportation cancels when hit, did you also make it where it cancels when they move? (not their mouse but forward, backward and side movement keys)
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    @Nodshi your essentials is overriding a lot of things. My plugin has no where in it something to do with spawn.yml, and that's how essentials makes spawns. Also, the permission must be essentials because it works fine for me. And lastly I can make the cancel on move. I can also try to fix that essentials bug, give like an hour or so and I'll get back to you.

    @Nodshi Alright! I finished again. I fixed settings not working (I realized I didn't add it while fixing all of this). I removed cancellation on pvp and added cancellation on move because if you were to get hit at any point, you would jump back from the force. So it makes no sense to add cancel on pvp. I also though of a way to fix your essentials glitch. You can still use essentials, just delete the jar file "Essentials-Spawn". You don't need that if you are going to be using this plugin. And that plugin is causing all of your issues. When reinstalling, delete "Essentials-Spawn.jar", delete any thing that has to do with my plugin (Jar file, folder), and put the new jar file in. Reload the server and all should be good. But knowing me I probably made another mistake. Here is the link again: Clickkkkkkk
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    I can do this plugin for you!

    EDIT: I just realized how blind I am and not looking at the comment right above me.
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    Lol beat ya to it!
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    Thanks! The permissions now work, there's still a problem though. I can't find the "config" with the delay and custom messages, there's still this spawns.yml file with this inside You're almost there! Thanks so much for the support ;)
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    Do you have essentials-spawn installed?
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    No, I removed it.
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    @Nodshi And it still doesn't work?
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    Nope (sorry for late answer I was in hospital)
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