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    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: PerWorldHome


    ~ Can set per world /sethome and /home.
    ~ Can make in config group of worlds that share the players homes data.
    ~ Can set max homes per group rank (default, vip, admin), in the same plugin or could be hooked with essentials so will use essentials max home perms.
    ~ Isolated homes between the group of worlds. (cant teleport to one home that is on other group of worlds)

    This 2 arent really necesary but would be nice:
    ~ Can configure cooldown and delay
    ~ Admins can see, teleport and delete players homes

    So in resume, a plugin that handles homes per worlds like they would different servers, and the grouped/shared worlds would act like one server.

    groups.yml Idea:

    #- world1
    - survival
    - survival_nether
    - prison

    An example in game:
    Worlds: survival, survival_nether, prison.

    A player is in the prison world and he does /sethome test1 . That sets the home test1 for that world. But when he is in the survival world and does /home test1 it sends him a message saying "You dont have any home set" So he does /sethome test1 in the survival world. Then go to survival_nether and when he does /home test1 it will take him to his home in the survival world because survival and survival_nether are in a groups so they share the homes, but will not teleport to de prison world home.

    Ideas for commands:

    /sethome {Name}
    /delhome {Name}
    /delhome {Player} {Name}
    /homes {Player} - you see the players homes in the world you are in.
    /home {Name}
    /home {Player} {Name}
    /pwh reload
    When a player does /home or /home name they get teleported to their home in the current group world they are in.

    Ideas for permissions:

    pwh.home - Goes to home (if have more then one home have his homes listed to decide which home to go to) - sees all homes
    pwh.sethome - set's home
    pwh.sethome.multiple - Allows player to have multiple homes (unlimited)
    pwh.sethome.multiple.[number] - Defined in the config file.(somewhat how essentials looks)
    pwh.delhome - deletes/ removes homes
    pwh.delhome.player - Deletes players home - Default set to op - Get to see {players} homes - Default set to op
    pwh.reload - gets to reload the config
    pwh.* - Gets all listed permissions
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    Have you checked if no plugins can do this? Because I am pretty sure Essentials does most if not all of what you listed.
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    Yes i checked and there isnt, only one called homespawnplus but dont isolate homes between the group of worlds, so if you are in skyblock you can teleport to a home taht is in the survival worlds, and with this came that if you do /sethome "test" on skyblock and then go to survival and do /sethome "test", override the homes on skyblock.
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    I'll try have an attempt at this
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    Sorry mate I was very busy the past few weeks, was about to work on it today.
    Anyway looks great by the way, did a good job!
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