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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Stigern, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Hi, I've got a server going with PermissionsEX, and I've enabled WorldEdit so that I can have protection of zones or areas. But when I define an area and set myself to the owner, other players can still build there.

    This is my permissions file:

    For example, when me Admin creates a area thats protected and only myself is the owner, the moderators can still build and remove stuff in it. How can I make it so that it's only the people listed as owners in the area that can modify it?
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    "Hi, I've got a server going with PermissionsEX, and I've enabled WorldEdit"

    do you mean worldguard and do you have it ?

    also do what commands you use from start to end of creating zone

    and is there any errors in console ?
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    Oh, yes I've got both. Got no errors, I use //wand and mark my zone. Then use /region define home Stigern

    From what I can understand it has created that region:

    Also LWC doesn't work. Sign placed by me can still be removed by moderators. We both got the lwc.protect in our permissions. But that doesn't make it possible to remove others private signs?

    Could there be something thats overrunning those functions? like "- modifyworld.*"?
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    Ensure only you have WorldGuard.region.bypass
    WorldGuard.region or WorldGuard.* include this too.
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    What do you mean ? Put it in my permissions on each group or?

    Cause now I only get a message telling me that "Notice: That private door is locked by" etc. And then door opens. So none of the LWC functions or WorldGuard works.
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    i think he mean that only you have that permissions
    and no 1 else


    but if even lwc dont work i think some other plugin make conflict send here your plugin list
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    Help - Custom help file
    Home - used for sethome and tp home etc.
    Safe Creeper
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    check if without Modifyworld will work
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    Seems like it did nothing. Took the plugin .jar file and the folder and put it outside the plugins folder. Still I can open all chests, doors etc. Also zones doesn't get protected. Did for a test change the region owner to another player, and I can still edit inside that region.
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    wait wait you want to restrict your self as an op to not be able to edit other ppl stuff like chest doors or region cause im not sure if thats possible < at last never worked this way for me

    and if you want to restrict non OP users from editing stuffs than it should work

    leave only pex worldedit and wroldguard in plugins folder and lets see will it work
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    No, my moderator group shouldn't be able to access others chests, door, regions etc. And I changed myself to moderator to check their rights.

    Oh, wait. I'm in the Ops.txt file, does that override everything?

    After cleaning the Ops.txt file, region protection does work. But LWC still doesn't protect anything.

    EDIT2: Moved back the Modifyworld plugin, now LWC also works. Hmm.

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    so you fixed all your problems ?
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    Yes, from what I can see. But, where can I find a complete list of all permission nodes for worldguard, and bukkit etc?

    For example if I want my guests to be able to open doors?

    Tried this:
    - modifyworld.blocks.interact.(64|door)
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    well if you block doors with lwc than you need guest give permission that overright this block

    for example if your users have permissions

    EXAMPLE < mean whats below will show how it works and it not really exist
    - lwc.create.private.doors

    than users would need

    and if you want to have guest possibility to open doors than whats point in giving players blocking option

    or you mean all your players make private doors by default < that is changeable in LWC config if i remember good

    than if player make doors he will need type command to block that doors so if he dont block it guest will be able to open it

    even so you can make doors public which mean no 1 can destroy doors every 1 can open them but no 1 can make them private

    im not sure what you really mean

    and on each plugin site its their permissions sometimes in wiki sometimes in spoiler sometimes in code but its always there

    world guard

    look there is
    Need a question answered? Visit us on IRC: #worldguard on (hang around for a reply)
    Learn how to use WorldGuard: Read the WorldGuard wiki
    Submit ideas and problems: Issue tracker

    below 1st donate button

    and about permissions for bukkit im not sure if something like that exist but im sure there is piermissions for your permissions pugin check on that plugin site
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    Oki, thanks for all help =)
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    How do I make it so people cant promote them selves with pex?
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