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  1. PermissionsEx
    PermissionsEx is a powerful permissions plugin for your server. If you need a copy, visit BukkitDEV and download and install the full copy for your server!

    My name is CrypticPixel (Kevin Wong) and I made this article for anyone who needs Permissions Help. If you run a server, you need plugins and most of all, a permissions plugin. Permissions is needed to specify commands for a user. Since I've came on the Bukkit Forums, I've helped 3 people with PermissionsEx already and instead of providing private help, I am doing public help now.

    First off, I've made a very simple permissions file for the general public to edit and use. It is only Essentials Permissions Nodes but you can add more. It is the basic nodes needed for a server.
    I've made a public download and you can download it down below.

    When you are making permissions, you must have the Bukkit Permissions Nodes for your server to look neat and you need basic user commands. I've been on servers where their Permissions File is very empty and the commands don't even work. I've included the /plugins command and /version command.

    When you are making permissions and using PermissionsEx, you must have a "Rank" number. PermissionsEx works like this, "The higher the number, the lower the rank". You must also go in Hundreds with the numbers such like this : 100...500...1000,1100, etc.

    Extra Information
    This permissions file is for PermissionsEX only and It is the old PermissionsEx format. It should work fine since it works on my server called "MineShadow"

    permissions.yml: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    (The file above is for PermissionsEx and It only has the Essentials and Bukkit Permissions Nodes. It is just a basic file to edit. The nodes I put in are some basic commands that a server should have.)
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