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    Hey guys,

    I have used PermissionsEX for a while now, and I had some people joining and immediately leaving, or even got banned... Now I found an option to get rid of people that haven't been on for 30 days.

    You add to your config file:
    log-players: true
    , so I simply added this.

    but now I would want to know if it is possible to make this 30 days 10 days, 30 is a bit to long :/ and using /pex users cleanup [group] 10 for every single group is also not my favorite thing to do :p So could anyone tell me if there is an option to make these 30 days 10?

    I also had another simple or well for the more advanced servers question, is there a way to delete every member from a group? I know you can check all players in a certain group with "/pex group [group] users" but is there also an option to delete those players? something like "/pex users cleanup [group] -1" would delete them all? Or "/pex group [group] users delete" ?

    Thanks and kind regards!
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