PermissionsEX promote/demote problems

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ryyo96, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Im new too all of this and I'd really appreciate it if i got some help from you.

    I've recently just set up a SMP server for me and my brother and i have installed PermissionsEX into it. im wanting it get it all perfect but i cannot. whenever i try to promote/demote my brother it comes up with 'Promotion Error: User are not in this ladder' or sometimes when i try to promote/demote him it comes up with something basically saying i do not have enough permission to do this, and im the owner of the server and should have all commands. Any help is much appreciated on anything that i have done wrong and need to fix it. Here is my PermissionsEX setup: permissionsex.txt

    Thanks everyone!

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    Set it up in permission file or use /pex user Playername set group Groupname
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    thanks buddy thats it working. What do you mean by 'Set it up in Permissions File'? Also how can i just use the command '/pex promote [Username]'? When i type that it comes up with 'Promotion Error: User not in this ladder'. How can i get the user in the ladder?
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    Get bPermissions, It's easier!
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    i think I'd rather stick with PermissionsEX.
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    The problem you done is you set every rank in different ladders

    if you want to be able to promote from lowest rank to highest rank, delete "rank-ladder:" in all of the groups
    this will cause every group to come to default ladder, which allow you to just use /pex promote simme337
    try that and you will see that it works :) otherwise comment and i will try to help you fix it =D
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    simme337, thank you for your help but this did not work. it is still coming up with when i try to promote jaijo it comes up with an error. i type '/pex promote jaijo' (no quotations) and it comes back with 'Promtion Error: User are not in this ladder'. when you say 'delete rank-ladder' do you mean delete that whole line (rank-ladder:Member ect...) or just rank-ladder and not Member or Trusted? if you have PermissionsEX, it would be handy if you sent it to me so i can look at that if it's alright?
  8. to all: bperms and PEX are each good plugins, no sense in arguing about which is better.
    Now if you do want to PEX, I've written a guide about it which you can find a link to in my signature =)
    good luck, zip
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    Hey zip this is an amazing guide but unfortunatly, this did not solve my problem. i couldnt find in your guide how to promote people if they have the same problem as me or bother with the rank-ladder. thanks for that though
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    I mean you delete the complet rank-ladder: 'Vetearn', rank-ladder: 'Moderator' etc.

    a ladder is a list where you can demote and promote, if you don´t set any ladder all ranks will get in the default ladder, As you have now you got a different ladder to each group, which make it impossible to promote / demote since they are not in the same ladder. if you for instance want a ladder where only staff group contains, give moderator, admins and other group if you have "rank-ladder:'staff', this will allow you to only promote inside that ladder by using /pex promote <user> staff

    Also, you need to give the group Default a rank, otherwise PEX don´t know where in the ladder he is located and what rank it should promote/demote him to ;)

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    Sorry simme still not working. I've taking out the rank-ladder compleatly because i think thats what you meant but still not woking. I've given the default rank a 'rank' of 1000 and still no joy now when ever i try to promote/demote i get a message saying 'You dont have enough permission to promote on this ladder'. i do not know what this means. i have the owner the commands to promote/demote which i put down in the permissions.yml as 'permissions.user.promote: true' and 'permissions.user.demote: true' to demote, is this needed? im getting the feeling that we are finally getting closer to promotions! im so sorry this is taking so long.
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    kcharnovich, you should be given an award! thank you so much. will i still need PEX for this plugin to work?
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