PermissionsEX, Prefix and ModifyWorld Problems.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by BlackDargon12, Nov 27, 2014.

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    So i made my server and then i needed Permissions.. But the ModifyWorld and the Prefix aren't working! Again.. XD. But i'll show you some details of my server and i hope one of you guys could help me to fix this..

    Permissions of PermissionsEX:


    Bukkit Version:
    Craftbukkit 1.7.9 Beta

    I'll hope some people can help me..


    And the most Permissions aren't even working so..
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    BlackDargon12 The recent versions of PEX have changed their formatting from how it used to be done. Basically, any PEX files that have the schema-version line in them require the new formatting. What changed is that the default: true/false lines and the prefix/suffix lines need to be under options. Build: true/false also goes under options if you want to use it (that isn't a recent change though; build has been under options for a while).

    Example of new formatting:
          default: true
          build: true
          prefix: '&0[&6Rookie&0]&f'
        - modifyworld.*
    You've also forgotten quite a number of colons. Remember to always put a colon at the end of a new section heading, like at the end of your group names and at the end of the permissions line.
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