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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by nathan060700, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Hello! ;)

    I'm here to show you my new finished project coded in VB.NET! I created a full program that allows you to make a PEX permissions.yml file very easily with no errors!

    I present you:

    PermissionsEx configuration program

    You can:
    • Add a group (and set up the name, the prefix, the permissions, the inheritance, the permission to build and if this is the default group)
    • Add a player (and set up his group, his permissions)
    • Create a completely valid permissions.yml file

    DOWNLOADS (notice that all the old links are dead, working on it):
    Example of a generated permissions.yml file with only Essentials permission nodes:






    A good presentation video from @oceantheskatr ;)

    - The first version of the PermissionsEx configuration program.
    - Allowed ' and * characters for the permissions while creating a group.
    - Changed some graphic elements.
    - Allows you to set specific permissions for a player.
    - Fixed the bug while save the permissions.yml file.
    - Changed some graphic elements.
    - Some bugs removed.
    - Now you can make your own prefix if you don't want to setup one.
    - The prefix color is reset at the end of it.
    - You can now delete an user without errors.
    - Color names are now the same as Bukkit colors.
    - Some bugs removed.
    - Few minor bugs removed while saving the file.

    If you found a bug or you have suggestions, please leave a comment, it will be very useful :)

    Have a good day :D
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  2. @nathan060700 This is actually pretty nice. Well done, I'm sure it will help a lot of people struggling with Pex.
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    Haha thank you! :D

    I had a server for 4 years ago and the PEX configuration was the most difficult part to do, I thought a simple program can help a lot of people ^^

    (By the way sorry if i do mistakes in english, i'm french ^^)
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    please add link (no shortened)
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    Okay I will do it :)

    By the way: I did an update, the changelog is wrote in the first message of the topic :)
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  6. @nathan060700 Please update your links. They have been removed due to Mega.
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    OP can't catch a break :p

    @nathan060700 You should get Dropbox and put the files on there, and then link the URL for the files here.
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    I did it, all the links are Dropbox links now ;) And I must say I never used Dropbox, I just did an account 5 minutes ago and I love this software :D
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    @nathan060700 Yeah, it's really good to have! Also, if you change the ?dl=0 to ?dl=1 then it will automatically download when a person clicks the link :)
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    Ahah thank you ;) By the way if you have suggestions, tell me if you have some ideas :p
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    Yeah, this is really nice actually. It is good for starting out servers. You should do this for some more (GroupManager, bpermissions)
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    Yes I thought about that and much more: a complete program that allows you to configure lot of plugins (like PEX, iConomy, Lockette and much more) in one exe, I think it can be a very good project! ;)
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    I've got a few things:
    - When you click + to add players, then close that window, then hit + again, it will add the groups to the list again (a1.jpg).
    - If I click on a player that I've created, then click minus, I get an error (a2.jpg).
    - If I add a permission to a player, then click "Add the player" and click the plus to add another player, it shows the permission for that player too.
    - More customization for prefixes! An option that allows for users to type the prefix themselves. Maybe a radio button right above "The color of the prefix".
    - Names of colours should be changed to be the same as the Bukkit colour code names. These are the actual names.
    - You should put a space and reset after prefixes. Currently it's like this "&4[Admin]" but it should be "&4[Admin] &r". This will allow for a much cleaner and less cluttered look.
    - "Developper: nathan060700", developer has one P :)
    - If neither a prefix style or colour is picked, I get one alert after another. It may be better to either only show the first or make one that says both are missing.

    That's all I've found for now, however I really like your program! I has a very good structure and besides the bugs that are pretty much guaranteed with any program, I'm quite content with it. I really hope you'll add some of those features, as I think they'd be quite beneficial.

    Once you fix up those bugs, I'll make a video/tutorial on it for my YouTube channel :) (TheMineShack)

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    Thank you soooo much for these suggestions, I'm going to work on that :D

    Edit: all is done, thank you for your suggestions and for the potential video on it :p
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    Oh the video is basically guaranteed :p I tried to do one yesterday, but wasn't happy with what I was saying/how I was explaining, so I redid it today and noticed a few problems, so reported them to you and figured I'd wait until you fixed it :D I'll do the actual one either later today, or tomorrow morning!
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    Thank you soooo much! :D
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    @nathan060700 Just uploaded it:

    If you want you an put it in the main post :)
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    Oh thank you so much for the video :p I will add it to the main post ;)
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    Updated with a few bugs removed, you should not see the difference :p
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    cant use it on mac plz make it for mac.
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    Sorry, but i'm coding only in VB.NET and I don't know the java language :/ I tried to learn it but I don't have time...

    What you can do:
    - Use BootCamp on your Mac (dual boot with OS X and Windows)
    - Use VMware (OS emulator, you can run Windows on OS X, very useful!)

    That's it, sorry :s
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    @theo747 There are also paid options that allow you to run Windows programs on Mac without having to dual boot/use virtual machine/etc., however I'm not able to post links to them here. Feel free to search for them yourself IF you want to.
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    Download link updated ;)

    EDIT: currently trying to get the Dropbox links work
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    Dropbox latest link is now working, sorry for the inconvenience ! :rolleyes:
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    Just an idea, but is it possible to have the program read your plugins files and auto create the prefixes and permissions?

    Also what about a way to load a pre existing permissions file to the program for edits?
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    Yea I think it could be added in a future update, but now I don't have time to code because of my studies, I don't even know if my tool still works for the latest versions of PEX (is PEX always here ? :confused:), i'll see that in the next 2 months ;)
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