PermissionsEX and essentials warping permissions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tangy777, Apr 21, 2014.

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    I'm pretty familiar with PermissionsEX, and when all this happened I was a little shocked. It's a little hard to explain, but this is what happened.
    So I was trying to get it so that warps were limited to only one permission group, so archers could only go to /warp archer, trainees to /warp trainee ect.

    So i'v realized nothing was working, but i figured out what was happening.

    This is what the Trainee Gladiator's permission file looked like.
    default: false
    prefix: '&4[&bGladiator&4]&f '
    build: false
    - essentials.rules
    - essentials.motd
    - essentials.feed
    - essentials.spawn
    - essentials.warp
    - essentials.warps.trainee
    - essentials.warps.gladiator

    that would mean gladiators could only warp to /warp gladiator, and /warp trainee, and that was the correct permissions.
    I was the [Owner] rank, and i had all owner perms, but when i did /pex user <myusername> group set gladiator to get all the perms above ^^^ I still had all the owner perms. But when i /reloaded my server, I had only gladiator perms. So every time me, or another player changed ranks to get different perms, i have to /reload my server. My server is all about changing permission groups, and I need all of the commands to change right away. I can't have the server /reloading every time someone changes permission groups. If you can help, please leave a reply, is there another permission plugin I can use, or am i doing something wrong? I'm using essentials for warping. I'v used PEX before, and I was almost certain it auto updated the permissions. Thanks for reading this, and please reply if you can help.
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    Never had this problem. But it might be I never used PEX that much...

    This should be more in the Bukkit Help section.
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