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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by thorncrown, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Hi there,
    I'm still using Permissions 3.x and it's time for a change now. Since Superperms are available there are some permissions plugins to choose... but I really don't know, what their advantages are. Should I use PEX oder just PermissionsBukkit? What is better for me and which one will be "the future"? What's the difference? For me just two things are important:
    - Easy to use
    - Will not be replaced soon with a better permissions plugin
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    I use PermissionsBukkit. I was in the same position a few weeks ago and was trying to decide which of the superpems plugins to use instead of Permissions 3.16. So far, I have no regrets.
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    better customisation.
    more file types supported + databases
    pex is better in my opinion, it also has a very good API
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    This might be a dumb question, but what do these Permissions plug ins do exactly?
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    I'll just put in a little word for bPermissions here :p
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    They just control what players can do, so you can prevent people from using some commands you don't want them to have.
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    bPermissions and PEX are in my opinion equally great, both better than permissions 3.X and definately worth using. However, when i was testing them, back in 1.7 i think, neither of them worked with a lot of my plugins (to be expected, i know) so for now im sticking with permissions 3.x until everything is superperms compatible. (and minecraft levels out a bit, not hosting until i know a new patch won't come along a week later and screw everything up.)

    i didnt mention permissionsbukkit because the very sound of the name of it gives me murderous intent. I can't say a single good thing about it.

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    Thanks for your comments!

    Oh, yeah, I forgot bPermissions...

    I think, im sticking to 3.x too, for a few weeks. But then i'll have to decide.
    bPermissions vs. PEX vs. PermissionsBukkit.
    What's the difference between bPermissions and PEX?
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    PEX is a single file setup and bPermissions is multiple file setups.
    PEX supports extensive inheritance and has "info" sections like permissions 3 style - bPermissions has multigroup only and has permission nodes for things like prefix/suffix.
    PEX has set commands - bPermissions has customisable ones.
    PEX has extra fun stuff like ModifyWorld - bPermissions has IpLock and promotion tracks

    It's all a matter of try them both and see what you like.
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    After a lot of reading, bPermissions seems to be what I need. Do you think bPermissions will be "the future"? I just don't wanna change after 1-2 months again...
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    Don't worry- SuperPerms is the future and the road you take with it is just preference
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    I like permissionsbukkit. It was sort of a pain to switch, but it's a lot easier to manage now, plus I like the children permission organization. I can do everything from inside minecraft rather than RDPing into the box to edit the permissions file.

    Plus if a plugin doesn't integrate, just use SuperPerms. Only one of my plugins needs that (tele++).

    Full disclosure, I have not used PEX or bPermissions.
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    Ronny Lawson

    I don't really understand all of the differences. Isn't PermissionsBukkit the only one supporting Bukkit's new native permissions? Am I wrong about that? I began using PB under that premise, and assumed all of the plugins I use would begin supporting it, but I'm not really finding that to be true.
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    bPermissions and PEX support both the new superperms api and the old permissions api - either one works.

    This is useful because it means you can continue to use old plugins, while still taking advantage of the new ones.

    Hopefully that helped :)
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    Ronny Lawson

    Yes, very much, thanks! Perhaps the PermissionsBukkit people should change their introduction a bit, as I find it a bit misleading how it says "the Official Default Groups Plugin", as if everyone is supposed to adopt this one official plugin and abandon other plugins?
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