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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wowmaster196, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Hello, my name is wowmaster196 and I have been having some permissionsbukkit problems. I first use bpermissions and that did not work out so I tried permissionsbukkit. It took me about two days to figure out the format and stuff. I created my permissions (basic) and everything worked. The default group could do /spawn and /home and all of their commands. After that I decided I needed to set more groups and more perms (mod, admin, etc.) So I added a whole bunch of new permissions and I load my server... No one can do anything (accept OPs) So I go back into my config files and everything is still there. When i am on my server and I do /permissions group list it says and internal error has occured and if I try and do anything with perms in-game it resets my config back to normal. Please help, here is my config file.

    (Config File Below)

    If there is anything anyone can do or anything I can do for you please tell me. I would really like to open my server as soon as possible. If you have any questions or think you know the solution please do not hesitate to msg me or reply.

    # PermissionsBukkit configuration file
    # A permission node is a string like 'permissions.build', usually starting
    # with the name of the plugin. Refer to a plugin's documentation for what
    # permissions it cares about. Each node should be followed by true to grant
    # that permission or false to revoke it, as in 'permissions.build: true'.
    # Some plugins provide permission nodes that map to a group of permissions -
    # for example, PermissionsBukkit has 'permissions.*', which automatically
    # grants all admin permissions. You can also specify false for permissions
    # of this type.
    # Users inherit permissions from the groups they are a part of. If a user is
    # not specified here, or does not have a 'groups' node, they will be in the
    # group 'default'. Permissions for individual users may also be specified by
    # using a 'permissions' node with a list of permission nodes, which will
    # override their group permissions. World permissions may be assigned to
    # users with a 'worlds:' entry.
    # Groups can be assigned to players and all their permissions will also be
    # assigned to those players. Groups can also inherit permissions from other
    # groups. Like user permissions, groups may override the permissions of their
    # parent group(s). Unlike users, groups do NOT automatically inherit from
    # default. World permissions may be assigned to groups with a 'worlds:' entry.
          essentials.spawn: true
          essentials.tpa: true
          essentials.tpaccept: true
          essentials.signs.use.disposal: true
          essentials.signs.use.sell: true
          essentials.signs.use.buy: true
          essentials.delhome: true
          essentials.help: true
          essentials.home: true
          essentials.helpop: true
          essentials.ignore: true
          essentials.list: true
          essentials.mail: true
          essentials.mail.send: true
          essentials.motd: true
          essentials.msg: true
          essentials.rules: true
          essentials.spawn: true
          essentials.tpaccept: true
          essentials.who: true
          multiverse.access.*: true
          multiverse.portal.access.*: true
          simplespleef.command.spleef: true
          arena.paintball.join: true
          essentials.kit: true
          essentials.balance: true
          essentials.balancetop: true
          essentials.pay: true
          essentials.afk.auto: true
          essentials.mute.notify: true
          essentials.kit: true
              permissions.build: true
              essentials.sethome: true
              essentials.spawn: false
              skybukkit.island.create: true
              skybukkit.island.destroy: true
              skybukkit.island.replace: true
              skybukkit.tp.home: true
              skybukkit.tp.spawn: true
              skybukkit.party.invite: true
              skybukkit.party.kick: true
              skybukkit.party.promote: true
              skybukkit.party.accept: true
              skybukkit.party.decline: true
              skybukkit.party.leave: true
              skybukkit.party.members: true
          essentials.keepxp: true
          essentials.balance.others: true
          essentials.whois: true
          essentials.nick.color: true
          essentials.workbench: true
          essentials.ptime: true
          essentials.feed: true
        - default
          essentials.tempban: true
          essentials.mute: true
          essentials.kick: true
          essentials.balance.others: true
          essentials.togglejail: true
          essentials.chat.ignoreexempt: true
        - default
          essentials.ban: true
          essentials.helpop.receive: true
          essentials.banip: true
        - tr-mod
          essentials.unban: true
          essentials.fly: true
          essentials.fly.safelogin: true
          essentials.sudo.exempt: true
          essentials.vanish.see: true
          essentials.weather: true
          essentials.joinfullserver: true
          essentials.back: true
          essentials.list.hidden: true
          essentials.feed.others: true
          essentials.broadcast: true
          essentials.invsee: true
          essentials.enderchest.others: true
          essentials.workbench: true
        - mod
          permissions.*: true
          essentials.gamemode: true
          essentials.give: true
          essentials.god: true
          essentials.heal: true
          essentials.repair: true
          essentials.time.set: true
          essentials.socialspy: true
          essentials.vanish: true
          essentials.invsee.modify: true
          essentials.invsee.preventmodify: true
          essentials.kick.exempt: true
          essentials.burn: true
          essentials.enderchest.modify: true
          essentials.heal: true
          essentials.more: true
          essentials.kits.*: true
          skybukkit.admin.destroy: true
          skybukkit.admin.tp: true
        - tr-admin
        build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
    debug: false
    I have been looking over the files and it seems to be right yet it does not work in-game :/
    Also when I do /permissions group players [groupname] it says that their is no such group. So if I do /permissions group players default or admin it come back with "No such group default" or "No such group admin"

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