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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Omnitv, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys I shrewd up my permissions.yml file and now i cant seem to see prefixes and suffixes on my server, and i want a second opinion to my permissions.yml if there is no errors i parsed it via yaml parser and it is ok.
    So i am wondering if and of you guys can figure it out what is wrong i have checked multiple times but cant seem to find what is wrong, there is no errors coming out of my GUI at all.
    here is my permissions.YML

    Pastebin LINK
    Pastie LINK

    My plugin list:
    Admin chat, Command bin, Iper, Iplock, Modify my world, mwStop v0.3, NoiseNotifications, NoPL, PEX, Spectate, VoxeChatBukit, VoxelGuset, VoxelMore, VoxelPort, VoxelSniper, VoxelTimer, VoxelUpdate.
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    if your plugin list is right (witch is not ... as the plugin is named modifyworld and not modify my world) ... you need a plugin to color the chat (like chat manager(it's a plugin that comes with pex))

    and your vip rank is bad ... last time i checked ... the "*" also gives access to /op
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    Oh yeah i always have the habbit of calling modifyworld as modify my world. DERP
    I dont really use modifyworld alot but is there anything that i need to configure? here is the config.yml of the plugin.
    enable: true
    message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> &f%message
    global-message-format: <%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message
    ranged-mode: false
    chat-range: 100.0
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    1. groups:
    2. default:
    3. prefix: '[Visitor]'
    4. default: true
    5. permissions:
    6. - modifyworld.*
    7. - cookie.command
    8. - rose.command
      I don't see any group that has default: true, which should cause more problems then just not seeing prefixes.
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    So..uhm What is my issue? i dont quite understand, i thought the default group is a person who has not been set to a group.
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    The group new users always have is not defined by the groupname 'Default', but by the subnode 'default: true' of a group.

        - zipron.tag
    Here new users won't automatically have the group 'Default', as default: true isn't set.
        default: true
        - zipron.tag
    This would work, as it has default: true.
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    Alright thanks JWhy will test when i get back home. shuld i add this with other groups?
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    Nope don't do it... Just add default: true for your default group, and better don't add default: false to the other groups... just for default group ;)
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