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    since superperms has no '*' alternative to give admins every single permission, to upgrade to it we will have to manually add every single permission node from every plugin to our admins (which will require us to come here, manually search every plugin we have installed and find the nodes in the threads/wikis/documentation of each one), and then maintain that list constantly through adding/removing/testing plugins.

    my request is for a helper plugin that will ask all installed plugins for a list of their permission nodes and return it to a text file of some sort to save us from having to do it manually. a bonus feature could be the ability to choose to format the list as permissions.yml, bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit formats so we could build off of them easier. example:

    /permshelper [format]

    (where [format] could be permissions.yml, bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit) would save the file to \plugins\permshelper\output.txt

    please correct me if i am wrong about this issue and there is an easy way to allow 100% permissions:true for admin level users, or if there is an easier way to do it than to manually track down every node in the forums/wikis/docs and add them all.

    thanks [cake]
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    so is this a stupid idea? impossible? or am i missing the proper/easier way to do it than manually track all that info down? feel free to flame the crap out of me if i missed the memo on this...(and preferably link me to the memo so i can read it)
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    Very, very hard.
  4. This is actually rather easy, unless the plugin does not support SuperPerms. I'll have a go at it.
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    ok thanks for clearing that up. i was really hoping it wouldnt be a problem to ask plugins for a list of all their nodes and save it somehow since all the info has to be there somewhere...compared to coming here and finding it all.

    thanks for a definitive answer [cake]

    edit - woah coolblinger ninja'ed if you think its going to be easy i wish you the best of luck and eagerly await your findings.

    *sacrifices creeper upon creeper at the altar of herobrine to get the gods attention so that they may grant you some extra power*
  6. This will only work if the plugin supports SuperPerms (because there would otherwise be no way to retrieve its permissions).
    Would something like this be good enough?
    Code: true #LazyRoad true #SignRank
    swordsgame.*: true #SwordsGame
    swordsgame.define: true #SwordsGame true #SwordsGame
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    that would be absolutely perfect. you are a legendary hero and i will build temples dedicated to you on my server and people will come to worship and fear your name :p
  8. I'm done, but keep in mind this only works if the plugin supports SuperPerms. (there is no other way to retrieve its permissions)


    I'll make a thread in a sec.

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    awesome. works perfect :) thanks so much [cake]

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