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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jamyy10, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Hi guys, i need some permissions help.

    I have set my permissions file up so every group has the - '*' permission and then i have - '-essentials'.

    Now since either minecraft or McMyAdmin has updated my players have been able to use the /i and the /give command. Is there any way i can just type this into my permissions file - '-give' and then the users wont be able to use /give or - '-i'? or do i have to use the permission node from the plugin?

    I am using windows 7 x64 and i am hosting the server on my gaming PC. I am running McMyAdmin, Hamachi but users are able to join by my external IP. If you guys need to see my server log or permissions file, i will do that.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Im not sure if the "-" thing is possible but what i do know is that giving them the "*" permission gives them all permissions regardless.
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    Yeah but with the way i have it setup if i put the - in the '' then it overrides the '*' permission
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    not sure then sorry
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    thats ok, thanks for your time :)

    I have searched on the net for // (superbreaker which is new(world edit // is blocked)) /day and /night permission nodes but i cant find anything. If i cant find how to block cirtain commands then i might have to re write my whole permissions group file.

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    If I'm not mistaking then Bukkit now has built in permissions for the default minecraft commands, such as, minecraft.give, minecraft.time, etc. Things that before required op. This means that giving your users * permissions will give them access to all default OP commands. ;)..
    So either "- minecraft.*" or revoke each command they shall not be able to do. Or instead don't use * for all users. You shouldn't really do that. Some commands can really allow your users to mess up things when you use *. E.g currently your users will probably be able to use the /stop command, whitelist, ban, etc.
    I really hope you know what you are doing by giving your users * permission ;)... Be carefull..
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