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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gunnerrrrr, Sep 3, 2012.

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    In everyones opinion, what is the best permissions plugin?

    I use bPermissions, and am not very happy with it.

    Mainly, because the prefixes i have for ranks, sometimes randomly don't show up. They are however added via VotiferScripts, and in the users.yml. Also, when i add a prefix ( EX: &1[Prefix] ) it makes the prefix AND the players name colored light green.

    Is PEX better? But at the point im at, it is almost not possible to migrate permissions plugins.
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    I'm only still using PermissionsEx because I don't really have time to set up bPermissions (chat manager). I've converted my permissions from PEX to bPerms, but I have to manually set all the prefixes and then use the chat manager.

    codename_B: Why can we not use EssentialsChat with bPermissions? WHY?! (I don't want to go through and set all the prefixes... Everything is already colored nicely)
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    I'd need to take a look at the Votifier script you're doing and see how its adding stuff to help you debug further but the issue there sounds like an issue with your chat formatting plugin.

    format: %prefix %name:%message
    Would be changed to

    format: %prefix&f %name:%message
    In order to cancel out whatever color code was being passed to the chat plugin via the prefix.

    I assume you can use EssentialsChat, what issues are there?

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    It doesn't work.

    Yes, I know that is the vaguest description possible, but it simply does not work. The chat isn't formatted at all.

    I'll do some more testing over the week and see if I can figure it out. At least now I know that it's supposed to work (or at least it's not not supposed to work).
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    I switched from PermissionsEx to bPermissions and have never been happier :D

    I got way tired of the constant flow of errors and annoyances PEX brings, and I trust someone like codename_B who is constantly active on the forums, IRC, etc, much more than someone who never talks to the community, ever.
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    It's entirely possible that EssentialsChat only supports GroupManager in the same way ChatManager only supports PEX and bChatManager only supports bPermissions.

    Have you considered switching to the recommended ChatManager for bPermissions?

    I can always add a command to "set" a prefix for all detected groups to some default thing, if you think it would be something useful to you in the long run?

    D'aww :)

    *shares slice of pizza*

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    EssentialsChat supports PermissionsEx. :3

    But I'm switching to bPermissions soon. I have to set the prefixes anyways, for commands such as /me.
    And I agree with helix -- I'd much rather use your permissions manager than [insert PEX's author here]'s plugin. I'm not even sure who it is. :3

    Plus, I know that you'll answer my questions/bug reports pretty quickly if I have any.
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    Unless I'm busy eating pizza.
    I don't like getting cheese on my keyboard.

    But I do like pizza.

    EDIT: Please Spell h31ix's name right!
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    It's takes a lot of keyboard switching to type h31ix on my phone. -_-

    When I'm on my computer, I do... On my phone, not so much. :p

    (I'm sowwy, h31ix)
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    essentialschat works fine with Bpermissions. paste essentials config.yml, aswell as your Bpermissions groups.yml. also make sure there is no error in startup log.
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    I heard using PEX in the flat file format has its issues, but flat file permissions is for server admins that have an amateur setup. I have an SQL setup with Pex and I've never had any issues at all. I have over 400 permission node entries, 7 groups and 10,000 + members in the database
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    Tell me about how pro you are.
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    • This is completely unacceptable
    Wow, oooo a sarcastic plugin Dev with a big head! what a surprise!!! how about fuck off and take your cocky ass attitude with you. Just because I am not one of the band wagon jumpers kissing your ass doesn't mean you have to step in with a random douche comment, Mr. almighty plugin Dev
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    I'm just an amateur with a flatfile setup, what do I know?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Anything that isn't PEX is better than PEX. See
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    Well i used to use herochat, but they have not updated to 1.3.1 obviously. So now i use essentials chat, but i had no idea it didn't work ._.

    And here is my votifier script:
    But in the users.yml, the users prefix appears like this: prefix: §b[Mayor]-
    If i try to change it to &b i get errors and it doesn't work.

    Also i forgot to mention, sometimes a users PREVIOUS prefix will show

    One more thing :3
    What should I replace essentials chat with, since herochat is gone (for now)

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    again: essentialschat DOES work with Bpermissions fine.
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    I can never replicate (or fix) folks issues with it, so I just recommend something I know works.
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