Question Permissions on my server. help?!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Dutchottie, Dec 24, 2014.

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  1. Hello there people,

    first of all, this is my first ever forum post on Bukkit, so please have mercy for my mistakes.

    I am currently setting up a server, a bit of a weird server. Normal players should not be able to build, it's a pre-made map, they should only be able to fight and use chests, doors, signs, swords, armour and food.
    I have downloaded PermissionsBukkit and Essentials (and many other plugins, but they don't really matter).

    My problem is: the Essentials seems to overwrite the permissionsBukkkit. Also the standard /op command still overwrites all permissions from the PermBukkit plugin. I don't understand how to make PermissionsBukkit plugin the plugin determining the Permissions.

    I hope this story isn't too confusing, I'll give a quick summary of what is going on:
    -/op decides if you can do ANYTHING or NOTHING
    -Essentials plugin seems to be the "dominant" plugin
    -I have managed to create 2 user groups (Admin and Adventurer) in PermissionsBukkit plugin
    so the system sees the plugin, but the permissions linked to the group seem to be overwritten by either /op or Essentials config.

    Could someone give me any tips please?

    Thanks in advance,


    update: after doing some more research I discovered the Admin Prefix I managed to make also comes from Essentials and is just a Chat thing, not a permissions bound thing.

    My PermissionsBukkit plugin is quite empty. With group admin and default, which is good.
    The only thing I now don't understand is how to stop the (Minecraft Vanilla) /OP command to override these permissions.
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    Configuring a permissions plugin is time consuming and frustrating.
    Setting essentials.op: false on the default group should stop players from 'op'ing themselves.
    You will have to log in with an 'op'ed account and 'deop' the other players.

    I used to use permissionsbukkit but moved over to zpermissions to allow for prefix's.
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  3. Okay to sum it up
    I want to make a server where normal players can't build, or break anything, but use buttons, swords, food, doors, chests, ender chests.

    I currently have the permissions set as seen in screenshots I posted.
    For some reason no one gets the admin prefix nor permissions.
    Everyone is in the default group with prefix [Adventurer], but the permissions I gave that group don't work. I have no clue what I am doing wrong.
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