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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sp1nn3y, May 18, 2012.

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    Hope i can ask for that here.. permissionsEX problems..

    I just went through a data loss on the host moving my files from one node to the other.. the only thing holding me back right now is permissionsex.. I'm stumped. everything is setup right but still, it's not working.. i have no prefix tags[chatmanager is on] and i as an admin dont have admin commands[when deopped i have nothing]

    Is there anyone who can setup permissionsEX for me? or show me what's being done wrong?
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    have you tried looking through the tutorials online for how to set it up?
    You'll likely find the error watching the tutorials.

    BTW, are there any errors in console?
    does /plugins return PermissionsEx in red?
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    I have checked out tutorials, ive setup permissions up over 30 times, before this whole PEX bPERM nonsense.

    under /plugins, PEX is green, as is modifyworld/chatmanager

    /help pex shows 1 of 1 help, why would it not be updating new players as we go?
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    Can you post your plugin list?
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    No Problem:
    hawk log

    should be it for now.. i know how to add/remove plugin nodes.. it's just this initial setup being so harsh. is the current setup[im missing nodes but adding those is the easy part]
    i had to add the users at the bottom for a slight hope that it might work that way.. it didn't.. It's not adding new players in the .yml as they join as it should..
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    Well, first of all, this belongs in the bukkit help section. TnT should be able to move this (sorry I keep tagging you, you are the first moderator that comes to mind :p )

    Second of all, I don't see where you've set your prefixes.

    M1sT3rM4n should have the capacity to call in air strikes of other help members to sort through your problem.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Moved to correct forum.
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    Thanks for the appropriate tags mate, now to sit and wait!

    ah now i dont see the tags..

    Also why wouldnt it be adding the users as we go? Why can't i set myself as an admin and get the appropriate [/help pex] commands?

    also, thanks TnT for the forum move, apologies for posting in the wrong spot.
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    I don't have much experience with permissionsEx, but someone is bound to see this thread soon that does :p
    Edit: might want to change your title to indicate that you need help with permissionsEx :)
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    Hope someone can help soon, thanks again tyzoid!
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