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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by thedanny11, Jan 26, 2012.

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    oke i have so many problems with the permissionsex everytime if i try i'm not getting in the group owner , not sure in which .yml you need to put : in the normal folder permissions.yml or in the plugins/permissions.ex/config.yml or permissions.yml? please somebody help me , really wanna set up my own server
    thx in advance
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    The plugins/permissionsEx/config.yml is only the global PEX configurations.
    If you want to set "by hand" (directly in file) your permissions, you should edit the plugins/permissionsEx/permissions.yml file.​
    However, i'd suggest you to set your permissions, first from bukkit console (on your server), making an "admin" group and set the permissions *, then add your user to the group​
    /pex group admin create
    /pex group admin add *
    /pex user <yourUser> group set admin
    Then, with your user, or still in the bukkit consol, create all groups and set permissions.

    Just to add, you should take a look at this wiki, it's really well explained to set permissions, create groups with commands.

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    those codes in bukkit console?
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    I'll do it for you.
    just give me the plugin.yml , i really hope you know how to add nodes.
    if not just pm me and i'll tell.
    pm me the details e.g: group names, how many groups, what colour, and you add the nodes.
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