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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ThatGuyWhoDied13, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Hey Guys, Is there a way I can give people permissions? Like if I do the command "/perm <player_name> <permission_name>" it gives the player that permission. I want this so I can add it so when a player gets mod rank on my server I can just type "/perm Kevy_Porter kevy.mod" and they will get the permission.

    Even using an API will be fine (I don't want to use pex though)
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  3. fireblast709 Thanks, I'll look into it

    Help I still can't figure this out... I don't know how to use Vault's API I searched the JavaDocs but still no luck

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  5. wizzinangel *facepalms* How did I forget to look at GitHub :oops:
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    KevyPorter hehe. You do it once it sticks in your head
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    Bukkit.getPlayer("yolo").addAttachment(main instance, "permissions.node", true/false);
    Also works.
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    KevyPorter: This is the correct way to do it, Vault is completely unnecessary.
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    The thing is, the name of this method isn't really obvious, i didn't know an attachment was a permission before you mentionned it.

    Quite don't know why they didn't put a setPermission method for the Permissible objects, as there are getters.
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    To remove a permission, you simply do:
    Bukkit.getPlayer("yolo").addAttachment(this, "permissions.node", false);
    You set it to false, thus removing the attachment :)
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    KevyPorter you can do everything with a setPermission(), depending on the value true or false ;)
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