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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xraysx, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Hello i need some one to make those ranks for me i'v tryed alot of times but i just dont get it to worke..
    Head Moderator - Same as moderator, /ban command.

    SuperV - Same as head moderator, //wand protect tool.

    Semi-Admin - Same as SuperV, //wand, region protect, region flag, region addmember, region addowner, region removemember, region removeowner.

    Admin - Same as Semi-Admin, all world edit tools, /md p playername.

    Head Admin - same as Admin, All commands except /stop and setting whitelist.

    Co-Owner - All commands.

    Owner - All commands.
    Builder - Fly, falsebook signs [gate] and [lift up/down]

    Donater Ranks

    Apperience - Same as Default, Fly, /chest, Green name, plot in spawn.

    Warrior - Same as Apperience, Light-green name, /butcher, /heal.

    Gladiator - Same as Warrior, Orange name, /kit iron, heal command, /md pig, cow, zombie, Compass command.

    Champion - Same as Gladiator, Purple name, /kit gold, falsebook signs [lift up/down] and [Gate], /clearinventory. (self only)

    Lord - Same as Champion, /md wolf, giant, enderman, Use buckets, Blue name, setwarp.

    Emperor - Same as Lord, Spawn items (except ores, fire, mob spawners, portals.), Yellow name, /hat command.

    VIP - All donater benefits, own time change, repair tools, Pink name.

    Develeoper - All donater benefits, Gray name.
    Default - /tpa command, /warp, /spawn, /kit starter.
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    What permissions manager do you use?
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    essentials Sorry for not including it :p
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