Permissions-Group Based Spawnpoints

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    Ok well the title should give away what I'm looking for. I want it so that certain groups spawn in certain areas. I would use this for an Exile class making them always spawn in the nether if they're killed and not being taken back to the main world with everyone else. Tangential to that I want Citizens who accidentally die in the nether to spawn elsewhere in the nether as I have a whole area cordoned off for exile and it's impossible to break out of.

    Would this be possible?
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    Better with permission nodes and (player.hasPermission())
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    EssentialsSpawn does this. Any player with the essentials.setspawn node can use /setspawn GroupName while in-game to set the group 'GroupName' spawn to the player's current location, as long as that group has access to the essentials.spawn node. If you don't already have Essentials, it may be a bit of a hulking plugin to install just for its spawn capabilities. There's likely another plugin that does this, but I've been using Essentials almost since it was released, so I've not had a need to search for one.
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    Ok well I'll try it out. It would be a bit bulky just for a flashy thing like this. Does it have multiworld capabilities?
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    That it does. :D
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    What's essentialsspawn
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    Part of the Essentials suite of plugins.

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