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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mainly, Dec 5, 2019.

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    hey i have download permissionsex and chat manager
    but when i do /pex user <player> group set admin , it says user group set .
    but when he types in the chat it still says default and he still doesn't have admin commands.
    i also did /pex group default remove , but then when he types he still is default in the chat.
    can someone help me with this.

    this is my permissions folder for permissionsex :
    this is my config folder in chat manager :
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Enable: true
    #This will only be used if the players permission group isn't on the bottom of this section.
    Default_Format: "&8[&7Default&8] &7{player} &9> &7{message}"
    #Chat Formats are set depending on what permission group the player is in.
    #If a player is in the permission group named "Default" they will have the default chat format.
    Default: #The name of the group, this is case sensitive!
    Format: "&8[&7Default&8] &7{player} &9> &7{message}" #The format you want the group to have.
    Format: "&8[&5VIP&8] &7{displayname} &9> &7{message}"
    Format: "&a[&3Moderator&a] &b{player} &9> &e{message}"
    Format: "&b[&6Owner&b] {player} &9> &e{message}"
    That says that admin does not have a specific format.
    And make sure that your capitalization is correct.
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    thanks i totally didn't see that :)
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