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    <font color="#0000ff">Note: This permissions list is for Essentials 2.11.1. Permissions from future builds may not be shown here.</font>

    <font color="black">I'm sure many of the new server developers out there have downloaded CraftBukkit, configured the Command Prompt just so, and managed to get your first server running! If so, congratulations! If not, and you're looking for help, you're on the wrong thread.</font>

    <font color="black">After the frustration of Command Prompt configuration and Java messes, you probably immediately began working with plugins. Essentials, most likely. Then Group Manager (I prefer this over bPermissions or other permission plugins).</font>

    <font color="black">Downloading Group Manager is the easy part. Working with permissions is the extremely difficult part. So, instead of letting hopeful server developers tear out their hair and throw tantrums, I have compiled this handy list of permissions! I added a few things to separate the permissions and their descriptions, so all you need to do is Copy-Paste the appropriate permissions into the permissions lists for your groups, and you are done!</font>

    <font color="#0000ff">Note: I uploaded the download onto Mediafire due to the Bukkit Forums not allowing any .doc or .docx files to be added directly.</font>

    <font color="#0000ff">Note 2: If you want your plugins' or other plugins' permissions to be added here, notify me. (Use the following format)</font>

    Plugin Name:
    Plugin Wiki/Site (if applicable):
    Plugin Developer (if you are posting someone else's plugin):
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="#000000">[All credits go to the Essentials Team for the entirety of the Essentials plugin and the Group Manager plugin.]</font>
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    I have to bump this. Does the you-need-to-download put most of you off?
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    UnityPvP: I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want me to create a list of commands used with Essentials?
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    You're pretty much regurgitating what Essentials Command Reference already has.
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    Dpasi314: Ahh, now I understand. However, the problem with the Command Reference is that you don't have the easy Copy+Paste ability from there to the GM groups config that you have with my list (columnated, anyone?). ;)
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    Wrong section go to Bukkit Discussion.
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    Moved to Bukkit Discussion.
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    Koalaaaa: I know that, but the problem is, as I stated before, the Permissions List given on the Essentials wiki doesn't give you the capability to Copy+Paste multiple sections of permissions. My list gives you that, and it has the added ability to be printed. (I know, you can print web pages as well:p)
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    i prefer people reading what they give instead of copy-pasting the file without understanding what they do.
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