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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Exit151, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Been running a bukkit server for awhile for my kids/family. Recently they wanted to invite friends from school (and strangers) and I have rapidly learned permissions are necessary, lol.

    This is a two-part question, I suppose..
    I run the following plugins: towny, residence, boseconomy, vault, chestshop, dynmap.

    There is a permissions.yml file in the root folder of the server.. From what I've read though, it's bukkit's default permissions system and from what everyone says, it's useless.. Is that true? Why is it there, then..

    What is the recommended permissions system? Towns and shops are protected with towny/residence plugins. But between towns I have roads (and an underground train) that aren't protected, and I'd like them to be.. Also, with I think it's Towny, players cannot dig in the nether, even though they can in the wild on the main world.
    Those are the main things I'd like to focus on. I'm not sure if that helps narrow down a permissions system or not, just throwing it out there to help.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Seems a mod moved my post.. It's not really a bukkit help post in my opinion - Nothing is broken, I'm just looking for recommendations, which is why it was posted where it was to begin with..

    Hopefully someone will drop some info to help though in here, I guess.. Again, to surmise, wondering what use the default permissions.yml file is vs plugins like bpermissions, permissionsbukkit, and permissionsEX (pex), and what you recommend here in early 2014 (and why). Tnx in advance!
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    U can always use PEX+AuthMe Reloaded
    That's what i'm running but i'm having issue with inventory drop in server when player dies he loses all items and u can't pick them up from ground because they are gone
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    Exit151 As I understand it, the default permissions.yml is for grouping permission nodes together into some kind of super perms that can then be used by your permissions plugin. So it's basically like a permission support feature so you can make your permissions plugin manager less bulky. It's explained better here:
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    I was going to post this, too, the second part that the OP mentioned..

    I currently have a server with Towny and Residence on it, but also have interconnecting roads / minecart trains running between towns, etc.. Blocks are sage in town, (by both programs) but I need something good that works with (or runs well with, without causing problems) Towny/Residence which I can use to protect roads. I see lots og google hits/youtube tutorials for WorldGuard, but they NEVER seem to be using WG with anything else. That cuz their lazy and just throwing up quick tutorials, or do they not work together? Wondering if it doesn't work well with what I"ve got, what sort of options are available?
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