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    I need someone skilled in permissionex to help me create permissions or atleast show me one thats already done.
    If anyone is willing to help a bro out leave a comment on this thread giving me a link to one already done so i can look at it or we can teamviewer
    Also ive tried using /pex group create blah blah blah but i dont know how to give permission to myself so i can actually use that command

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    *deletes hal.dll*
    Anyways. Just look for a tutorial.
  3. If you're having trouble with PEX, you could always try bPermissions which is considerably simpler to setup.
  4. Do it in the console or op yourself
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    If you still need help, I am willing to help you type out the permissions for your server.
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    well i kinda have the same problem so can u still help me?
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    Sure, just PM me if you would like
  8. As codename_B said bPermissions is very easy.

    It has a video tutorial, an image tutorial, an active ticket system, and a huge amount of documentation.
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  9. As well as being the only permissions plugin with a gui available!
  10. Bazinga. :p
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    PEX does work well though... Sayshal and codename_B you know that, but I guess you can keep advertising bpermissions after all there is not major benefit to you.
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    if they advertising which need gui cause its not as simple as pex than let them do it

    but in the end they do what every 1 here is doing they suggest plugins they use even if that plugins are not better than others
  13. ZeroZX4 Snipes01 We're not advertising, I use bPermissions so yes I'm going to support it and try to help people set it up properly. I am in no way affiliated with bPermissions other than helping them sort through user errors.
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    Snipes01 told u so hahahha

  15. I believe I see you on every single permissions help post saying "Just use pex". Is this not the same as me saying "Just use bPermissions."?

    See what I mean? You do the same thing. I'm sure if I tried Pex before I tried bPermissions, I'd support Pex. I don't know why you like "starting arguments" over a plugin for a video game, but keep at it I'm sure you love the attentino.

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    my 1 post above

    reading is useful skill didnt they teach u that in school ?

    "but in the end they do what every 1 here is doing they suggest plugins they use even if that plugins are not better than others"
  17. How do you, specifically, determine if a plugin is better? Have you tested both bPermissions and Pex? (I mean test it, not install bPermissions and say no this is stupid) I strongly support the users freedom to choose which plugins they use, I only recommend, I don't enforce. In fact if I had more knowledge of how Pex works, I'd help people decide which one to use based on their level of understanding of how permissions works, and what they want. Pex has a useful ModifyWorld addon which I think is brilliant. Once again I am not trying to discourage the use of a plugin, I'm simply supporting the one I know, and the one I can help people use if they run into problems. I honestly can't support a plugin that I don't understand. (I don't understand because I've never tried it)
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    Arguments on a gravedug thread... :T

    They both work fine, it's kind of just become arguing for arguing's sake.
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    Sayshal that is not the same. I at least provide help for people. I've even written permissions ymls for people that have not idea. I'm sorry to say Sayshal, but I don't post on every help thread like other users. You could have pointed out all this in a simple post, but you have posted 3 times to say something you could in one post.

    You are not associated with be permissions, but codename_B is the author. I was not going to post after Zero, but you decided that you have to prove me wrong.

    If I really wanted the attention of users here I'd post on every help thread like some users.
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    As a personal addition, I've used both. bPerms is definately simpler for a first-time user, but pex is a much more robust system. Personally, I did have an easier time with pex, but I took the time to learn both for the sake of knowledge. I believe there are much more tutorials and people who can easily explain bPerms, which is why people find it easier.
  21. I don't know what you're saying? The only point i'm trying to make is that there is no reason to "fight" over a users decision to use a plugin. I use bPermissions, I help people use it, I support it. He/You use PermissionsEx, you help people use it, you support it. I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say here, after this I'm not replying because the last argument I had with Zero ended in the thread being locked. (It was about illegally playing minecraft)
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    ow my god kids i suggest ppl to use pex just cause its only permissions plugin i understand and cause it have simple and clear formating i dont care if other r better or not i just know pex is easy for idiots and since im and idiot i can say its really easy to learn and teach

    now stop arguing about things no 1 care and lets watch


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