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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Freakdk, Mar 7, 2012.

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    So basically my server has been without whitelisting since it started, and I still want it to be. (As in whitelisting I mean that everyone started out as members with all the normal member permissions)

    But as of today I would like every new player to walk through a tutorial area before he or she gets membership. Now ServerSigns is going to help me with that, since it will promote player that clicks a sign in the end of the tutorial.

    Now this would mean that I would have to change the default group to "Guest" (which is the new rank that I want players to start with).
    My problem is that IF if set this rank to default: true, then EVERY member that I did not manually set to VIP/Moderator/Admin will be demoted to said rank.

    So my question is what can I do to solve this issue, I have a very large playerbase and I cannot just promote everyone / make them all click the sign.

    I've been trying to change this (from the permissions file)
    freakdk: {}

    Into this;
    - Member

    I've been trying to use both Word and Notepad+, but none of them would replace " {}" with the group setting, because you cannot put in multiply lines like I need to :( (atleast I cannot figure out how to)

    If you could help me it would mean the world to me, you'd really save my day :)
    - Also sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, I had a hard time figuring out which one to use since this doesn't really have anything to do with PEX or Bukkit...)
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    You can acheive what you want with Notepad ++ :)

    Lets say we have "freakdk: {}"

    Open up notepad ++ with this line of text and go to search > replace under the toolbar (Ctrl + H on windows).

    In the find what section add "{}" and in the replace with section add "\ngroup:\n-Member" \n being a new line.

    Before you click replace or replace all make sure you click the radio button "Regular Expresion" under search mode.

    Hopefuly this is what you want? Let me know if not! :)

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    That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much - you just saved me hours of manual work :D
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    No Problem glad I could help.
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