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    Kann mir das mal bitte jmd erklären mit den Permissions ?
    wie kann ich da einstellen das man zum beispiel nen MOD machen kann der nur bestimmte rechte hat oder nur bestimmte plugins benutzen kann und das mit playern und admins ? :I
    und unter vielen plugins steht ja auch irgendwas mit Permissions was man da eitragen muss was soll man da genau machen ? wie zb bei Tele++ :I
    hoffe auf eine antwort

    Can my time please someone explain to the Permissions?
    is how can I set the you can do for such a MOD of only certain right or only certainplugins can use, and with the players and admins? : I
    and many plugins is indeed something to do with what permissions you needONTRIBUTION because what can one do exactly? like there is Tele + +: I
    hoping for a response
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    wrong thread
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    Just open your .yml file (the permissions one ofcourse) and there is an explanation with examples so it shouldn't be to hard. And the permissions you need to add are on the bukkit page of the plugin itself.
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    yes i know but idk where i must put in that from the plugins :I can u post me a example ? PLS

    and which .yml file u mean ??? in my plugin file is no .yml only and permissions file with a text document world :I
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    he means {yourworldnamehere}.yml
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    butthere is no explanation with examples :I

    or give it a other plugin where i can give user admin and game master other rights so that i can change who can usw which plugin ?

    and can i color the names that the player know who is admin and gamemaster...
    and how does it work now that i can make that gamemaster can use... plugin and admin the plugin... ???

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