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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by akaedis, Jan 17, 2012.

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    i seem to get this error when ever i try to view the lastest available build(recommended or not)

    i've yet to recieve any email saying confirmation etc, please help
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    I am thinking you did the same thing I did and created a account there to view the files and then got this message as I also did.

    That board screwed us over.
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    yeah, i was gonna update my private server to 1.1 so i can work on my map in 1.1, but it said i cant read, made an account, then it says i dont have permission, and i have yet to recieve an email saying confirm etc...(my email doesn't block spam, i block it myself)
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    Same problem here! Come on Bukkit, we need to access CI!
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    I have the exact problem as well.
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    Read the main page people!

    "ur Jenkins build site is currently unavailable due to high load.

    While it is down, you may download the latest 1.0.1 RB from here.
    You may also download the latest 1.1 development non-recommended build from here.

    For developers only: You may download the latest version of the Bukkit API here

    We apologize for the lack of an immediate post about this matter, and hope to have Jenkins available again soon."
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