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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dony1131, Jun 14, 2021.

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    I noticed that if I have the permission:
    On the group for example Founder, I can use /gamemode 1, and so far so good, everything works. But if I change the group instead of Founder I put Default, where I don't have gamemode permissions. The creative remains, and I can use it even if I have the group without permissions.
    Could a check be added? If I don't have permissions, I am automatically put in survival gamemode.

    I need a plugin, which checks if a group has the permission essentials.gamemode.creative or other gamenode, and if it doesn't it automatically gives the default gamemode.

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    hmm, may i can do that... but not sure, but i'll try for that!!!!BTW are u using Luckperms?
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    See VaultAPI. Most permission plugins support Vault so using its API is a good way to make sure your plugin is compatible with those permission ones.
    if the permission plugin doesn't support Vault that's kinda weird champ bro
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    ohh, and i thought vault only supported money related things, thanks for info!!!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @rudraksha007 Permissions plugin should also just allow player.hasPermission though, worked for me so far.
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    that's the thing that i knew so far... but now i visited the vault github and somehow magically the permission thinggy was there but i never noticed it even when implementing it..... that's just embarrassing for me
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    Hello, i made the plugin for you, if the player has the permission essentials.gamemode.creative and he's in gm 1 everything is ok, but if someone remove that permission from the player and he's in gm 1, his gamemode will change to survival

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