Permission Based TNT Usage [REQ]

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  1. I am looking for a plugin that will allow only certain permission groups to use TNT.

    So in example, if a group has the permissions node 'tntx.enable' they will be able to use TNT freely;
    If they have the node 'tntx.disable' they will NOT be able to place TNT freely;
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    there is TOO many tnt plugins. why dont you go ask one of the devs to do this for you?
  3. @Minecraft93 : Isn't that what the guy is doing by posting in the request board?
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    well yea i know that but what im saying is instead of another plugin go ask a dev that already made one and include is *suggestion*
  5. If I message one developer, he might not reply.
    If I message the whole board asking for a request, tons of them will reply.
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    -_- I guess i shouldn't even bother to help.
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    There's a handful on that list with permissions support that will get the goal you want accomplished. Most of them don't have permissions to block TNT but have permissions to allow it.. Which essentially works better with plugins.
    Just add the permission to admins and moderators or whoever you want and don't add it to the people who shouldn't be able to place TNT.
    Simple as that.

    For future reference, make a search on there and look through everything before creating a topic.

  8. If you think you know how simple it is, go through that list and get me a plugin where it has TNT permissions based on groups (permission nodes) then post it here, then you can be the 'tuff one, ok?
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    Wait? Is it so hard to read the title, IF it somewhat sounds like it could be what you are looking for, middle click the link with ur mouse (the mouse wheel), which will open a new tab, continue looking. Once you looked through all the plugins, read through the threads. Look for the features, it's not THAT hard. If you do exactly that, and if you still don't find anything I promise I will make this plugin for you!
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    Plugin 1:

    Add this permission node to people you want to be able to place TNT:
    • 'TNTCatcher.enabled'
    Plugin 2:

    The only permission needed to use is:
    • 'tntfalse.interact'
    Plugin 3:
    • fltd.disable
      • Allows player to Place Fire, Lava and TNT
    • tnt.allow
      • Allows player to place tnt
    • fire.allow
      • Allows player to place fire
    • lava.allow
      • Allows player to place lava
    Add fltd.disable to admins/ moderators and add any of the others you want normal users to have. If you only want TNT disabled then add fire.allow and lava.allow to normal users.

    Plugin 4:
    There's some that are more in-depth as well.
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.*' - Allows players to use all bad blocks
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.tnt' - Allow players to use TNT
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.lavabukkit' - Allow users to use lava buckets (Yes, 'bukkit' not 'bucket')
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.lava' - Allow users to place down lava(10)
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.slava' - Allows users to place down still lava
    • '' - Allow users to place down fire(51)
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.fas' - Allows users to use flint and steel
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.spawner' - Allow users to place down mob spawners
    • 'bb.blocks.allow.nportal' - Allows users to place down natural portal(90)
    Add 'bb.blocks.allow.* to admins as well as moderators if you want.

    Add the others to anyone you want to be able to use them.
    If you only want TNT disabled for normal users then add everything but the first 2 nodes to their permissions.

    Am I 'tuff now? Sheesh.
    No need to rage.

    Exactly... Just what I did and I found 4 right there.
    Not sure why he can't do that.
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    have you tried worldguard?
  12. @Wakko it's a plugin look it up.
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    maybe you misunderstood what i said?
  14. @Wakko You're original post had "Worldguard?" and yes. I misunderstood you.
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    darn, didn't fool you :p
    don't worry, miscommunications happen (especially since i only wrote one word)
  16. My plugin does this . . . :D Link

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