Per-World Prefix Support $175 (Factions,SimpleClans,Towny,Heroes,etc...)

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    I want a PER-WORLD chat plugin that would allow me to set prefixes for a plugin per-world, so I can be able to run multiple plugins on one server. You wouldn't be able to see chat from another world, only the world you are currently on, however if you wanna send a global message you put a ! in front of your message (like chatmanager) This is a paid job so contact me at if you are interested!
    EDIT: Think of it like I just want factions prefixes on my faction world. Towny prefixes on my towny world. If someone sends a global message with ! it wouldn't show those prefixes. That would make chat look much less messy.

    Or if you are feeling super special, a vault-like integration system where prefixes can be linked to a plugin, so other plugins may use that chat prefix in their own ie. {town} and being able to use that in herochat or something. That would be a huge plugin and great for the community ^^

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    Okay, so when a player talks on X world, all people on X world can see with a set prefix, and when a player talks on Y world, all people on Y world can see with a set prefix. If the message starts with ! everyone sees it. Is that it?
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    World a: [xG][TownBlack] Silence - HEY GUYS!
    World b: [xG][FactionWhite] Silence - HEY GUYS!
    Anyworld: [xG] Silence - !HEY GUYS
  4. Contacted you by E-Mail.
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    I'd just like to point out, with any decent permissions plugin, you already have "per world" prefixes.
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  6. But only for player and not for plugin messages!? :eek:
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    There is a plugin called MultiChat.
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    I mean, you know vault and register how they let devs integrate with different economy plugins? Why not do that with chat prefixes? That would add a whole new level of customization to bukkit servers.
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    Vault already contains this functionality (works with PEX/P3/bPerms/Towny) & the latest HeroChat dev is already hooked into it. May I collect now? (I jest a little).

    The issue we've noticed is pulling prefixes from too many places means your entire chat is nothing but player-names. While it sounds like a great idea, in practice dumping all of the data to chat is a bad idea.

    The issue you have is you want to set different worlds to pull from different plugins, that's not what any chat system is designed to do, they all pull from 1 central location, (the prefix/suffix) which can be set per-world in the permission plugin, but you'd need to have each Plugin (Towny, Clans, etc) set the Info/OPtion node for each world you want them on. Otherwise you'll be stuck linking every single plugin that you would possibly want to to pull a prefix from and then storing which world is supposed to get which prefix. Ends up being (in my mind) a bit of configuration nightmare. On top of that, the chat system is going to apply the prefix to chat worldwide (unless again you want a configuration nightmare).

    My suggestion would be to just let the plugins that have their own chat, use their own prefixes, and have a chat plugin with generic ones. hehe.
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    Still looking for someone to code this?
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    trying to rake in the money i see... :D well done
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    Damn straight. Want a new laptop. :)
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    Anything fancy?

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