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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DoktorKoktor, Mar 11, 2014.

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    I currently run a server with a world, end world, nether world, kit pvp world, and survival games world. When a survival games arena starts you can see the messages such as "<player> won the survival games on arena 1" on all the worlds. For instance, If I was on my alternate account in world and a arena started for survival games you can see the messages that the plugin broadcasts. Same for battle arena too. If the account was in world you can still see all the battle arena messages. Both of these plugins have messages.yml files but no per world options. PerWorldPlugins disables commands for these plugins in different worlds but the messages that they broadcast still tend to show. I do not want to disable these messages but is there any way to limit them to a specific world or group of worlds? The accounts that I saw these messages are de-opped and have normal player permissions. Any plugins, code lines, or permissions info will be fine. Thank you.
    If it helps you these are my current plugins:

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    I do use per world plugins but it does not separate the message broadcasts across worlds. Is there any way to configure it so plugin broadcasts/messages are sent only in that world? If not are there any other plugins or code lines that will do this? LavaAndy
    Thanks for responding.
  5. This feature is not implemented on PerWorldPlugins, you should request it, maybe you get some luck ;)!
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  7. Ermmmm to be honest I don't think so. Maybe there are codes that can enable, but I am not really a developer. So I don't know, I am sorry.
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    Anyone have a solution?
  9. Hi, I'm the current developer of PerWorldPlugins. Unfortunately, I cannot limit broadcasts using PWP because they use a method that returns every player on the server and sends them a message, which I can't control. However, using permission plugins, you may be able to limit broadcasts by denying players certain permissions in certain worlds.
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    Incomprehendable Can you please make a new plugin that does this? That would be awesome :D, if you have time of course. And can you help me with the battle arena and survival games permissions because I know the nodes and everything but I don't know if there is a permission that limits these broadcasts per world. I've worked so hard on my server for the past couple months and I don't want something as simple as these messages to mess it up. By the way I love your PWP plugin, it works great :)

    Ok, so I looked it up and found some information. It seems like both plugins have multiworld support, problem is I don't know how to set it up. Hunger Games says it has multi-world support, and in the Battle Arena config file it says it needs a plugin called vault to broadcast to a channel. I don't know what that is, nor do I know how to set up a channel using vault, so can someone show me how to do this for both plugins? I would like each plugin to only broadcast messages to it's own world. I don't know if hunger games broadcasts directly to one world or the whole server at once, or if you have to set it up. Each plugin also has it's own messages.yml file that is editable. Can someone please test this out and help me? A photo of the 2 screenshots of this plugin info that I found will be below. Also I want channels to be per world, except for world, world_nether, and world_the_end which are linked. I do not want prefixes or passwords to join channels, I would like it so when you enter a different world you are automatically assigned to a channel, and chat looks like it did before but the plugin broadcasts are different per world. Thanks! View attachment 18594

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