Plugin Help Per World Inventory is not working with PermissionsEX

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Brisngr82, Mar 17, 2018.

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    (sorry if my english is not good)

    I just set my PEX to add new groups to my server. When I finally finish to edit, I had a really big problem: when anyone switch from PVP world to PVE world his/her PVE inventory is replaced for PVP one. I tried to check per word inventory config, but I couldn't find any parameter associated.

    I have installed another plugins that they can be the problem, so this is the list:

    - AntiCheatPlus
    - Clear Lag
    - Core Protect
    - Essentials X & Essentials Chat
    - Hats
    - Holographic Display
    - Lockette
    - Login System Pro
    - Multiverse Core & Multiverse Portals
    - OldCombatMechanics
    - PerWorldPlugins & perWorldInventory
    - PermissionsEX
    - Skin Restorer
    - Survival Games
    - Vault
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard

    I checked as well Essentials and PEX config, but I couldn't find anything that notice me where is the problem. I hope you can help me.

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