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    In this plugin you would be able to type /invite (players name) and this play must have never come on the server before when he does come one the player who invited his name is rewarded with a diamond. This way people will call their friends and add to the people who join the server so they can be rewarded.

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    How will it work ? You have NEVER visited that server, hence rendering the server not being able to get the player's IP. Even if you have the IP, how are you going to accept the request and go into that server ? If you want this to be possible, you definitely need a client mod.
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    This would not require a client mod. Basically you could have the /invite command just add the players name to a list and if that player ever did in fact join the server whoever added them to the list would be rewarded. If nobody else wants to do this I will, but I am very busy and it has been a long time since I have created any plugins so I am a bit rusty.
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    If it is so, I am making one already. Link here. It is not 100% the same as what is requested, but is similar. Sorry for misreading the topic. >.<
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    Thank you guys so much no one ever even considers my ideas else where but bukkit it seems amazing how it would work is each player has a list o players they invite and if one of those players comes on the player is taken off the list and the player who owns the list is rewarded if you think you can make it happen please please please make it
    Thank you so much,
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    You can achieve the same results in a slightly different manner with the "referred by" function of OnTime.

    When a player joins the execute a command that identifies who referred them to the server. The person they name will receive a reward you configure. It can be set up such that anyone that already has a been on the server for a specified amount of time can execute the command, so you can limit it to new players only. You can also set it up so the reward is only issued after the new player actually spends a certain amount of time playing. There is much more to the function but you will have to visit here to find out:
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    Thank you I will use refereed by instead
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    Lol, just let people be. If they want to use a specific plugin, don't force them another.

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