People tend to idolize server owners >.<

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by vapid2323, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Wow everything in this thread is just masturbation.
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    There have been much worse threads for that on this forum.
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    Ugh, honestly?

    The fact that you're talking about it is like grasping at straws. Kids are kids...some of the best environments produce poor products. Suffice it to say that most teens and preteens show their age at one point or another. Accept it, it's who you are. A lot of maturity simply with age, not to say that it's simply age or that older ppl are always mature...

    Anyway, I take players who ask for staff rights, usually, out of the running. People who lead and help naturally are the best candidates, IMHO.
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    Main reason i am making my plugin "can i haz op?". Hopefully it will help server owners like yourself because i am an admin on a server and i hate it when people they ask to be a position that i had to work for and build trust with the owner.
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    Of course, but its not all genetics (or hopefully not, free will choice and all that jazz) environment plays a big part. Parents and acquaintances just being the two environmental factors that play the largest role, its not me grasping at straws its generally accepted. (of course there will be some who disagree, its psychology after all)

    If you dont think they have any influence then please tell me what does? What would influence a child's actions more so then the every day behavior exibited then their closest friends and those in positions of authority (who they are also usually very attached to).
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    Herochat and its Regex filter can already do this.
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    OHH F*CK ME!, i created a post just to make sure i wasn't coping anything else, just to make sure that people wouldn't say that i copied another plugin. ooh well thanks for the heads up, i may as well finish it anyway :p
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    There are tons of Regex based filtering plugins.
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    Ohh well :( guess i need to think of something new or then people are gonna say i am reinventing the wheel, i'd probably be better off inventing a square wheel :/
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    Great discussion topic! Early on in my server running days I adopted a friendly approach along with the other admins, to the players... what an eventual backfire that became when we had to start punishing players for breaking rules, hacking, etc... I never realized how many excuses, lies and complex stories kids could come up with to justify their actions... eventually we decided to cut down on staff, get plugins to do various auto moderation, hide our presence online --- unfortunately that's given experienced players on the server the ability to seriously troll new joins. I guess it also depends on the style of server you run.. PvP, Creative or RPG... each has to have it's varying degrees of staff to player outreach.
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    People idealize the hell out of moderators and admins on the Yogscast servers...It gets ridiculous somtimes...

    But its also really fun :)
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    It's like this. You get mod, then

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    MY agreements totally!
    I LOVE my playerbase, and many became good friends with..

    but new players that join and first 3 questions are:
    "WHERE IS EVRY1 :(( ?"

    I know they aren't going to make it even past guest to trial.

    2 things I cant STAND are random guest joining, asking "admin!!! try connecting to my hamachi server?" or " is admin around?" i say yes, and get "CAN YOU HALP ME SETUP MA SERVER????"

    we have our fair share of kids on the server (my 2 kids being some of them). but we had to make a new rule, "over 18 unless invited by someone of Member status". if one of our older players have played with you before, and recommend you. you're more than welcome to join.

    I have nothing against the kids, its MC, its going to have kids playing, and even one of my mods defied the usual rule of "mods 21+ only" and is 15 but mature way beyond his years. age isnt a absolute rule of thumb for maturity...

    but we look at it as "we rather possibly loose 1-2 members that's underage and mature, than go through the other 98-99 of the kids that are annoying to find those 1-2"

    I mean if you can play and get along with/not annoy the majority of my players that are 25+..great welcome aboard. but I made my server for a place players can enjoy MC and call home, not so me and the mods can babysit your kid you left on the PC so he stops annoying you :p

    (this post is a random cynical rant from a 30 something grumpy admin)
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    Too bad the game itself attracts an underage playerbase. We currently have an automated ranking system that bumps people up if they're patient enough to stay for 2 hours on the server.
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    I'm not knocking the kids that play. its an all ages game. more power to them for enjoying it.
    but just like any game/sport/hobby. adults and kids can both enjoy it, our server is just more along the lines of "this is the grown ups time to play here, go find a playground that has players more your style."

    like one guy, hes been on my server for a year, he annoyed EVERYONE, constantly talking about pokemon, my little pony, and 'how much his life sucks' (like a early teen does). all teen go thru that phase.

    but its like sitting at the adults table at christmas, butting into the conversations about work/life/family with a random "WHO HERE LOVES CHARZARD!!!??? AND MLP 4EVA!"....goto the kids table, they will appreciate your subject of choice much better..LOL
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    I had this problem too. When we switched to factions that really helped.

    Age to me doesn't matter. Some kids are mature, some adults are not. Age is only a slight factor in my opinion (but I have kids of my own so I know how to deal with them).

    When we switched to towny, it was better for the most part. However, when you have a "king" as a title, people assume you're an admin. I tend to just watch the console during work and if someone needs help and it's a valid reason I can jump in.

    I actually had an insurance plan setup on my server for griefers before factions / towny, LOL.
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    Thats actually a really smart idea, do they have to be active the whole time or can they just join, sign out then come back 2 hrs later ?
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    They have to be active the whole time. We also have an AFK kicker after 5 mins to prevent idling.
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    I'm the server owner of my own server and I can relate to everything on here.

    Early on, I adopted a "trust/maturity" method of picking admins. After I had a few that could deal with most issues (99% of which were either bug-related or whitelist related), I slowly faded into the background. I haven't done much with "social" admin issues for almost 6 months. I don't whitelist people. I don't deal with griefers. I let my admins take care of the in-game issues that arise. I keep my role limited to the technical issues (website, server backend, ect).

    But it never fails that when I get on, even the most annoying players begin sucking up the moment I log in. Sometimes, when you've been configuring plugins all evening, you just want to play for a little bit without someone going, "HAI ADMIN, CAN I BE OP?" or "HAI ADMIN, YOU'RE THE BEST....WHY AM I NOT OP?"

    Luckily, ever since we started screening whitelistees for a level of maturity, this has gone done a bit.
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    we kinda do the same, everyone joins as guest..they read the rules on the site, get the /command from it and become 'trial'. they are a trial player for 15 hours (of playtime using MCStats and AFK kick so they cant idle for that time).
    if after 20 hours we can tolerate them, they don't steal,grief, etc. we make them a Basic Member.
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    this is soo true even my outher admin kisses my ass
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    the best 1 i find is on my server, i have a rank that says in red [Owner] Jackster21
    New Player Joins The Server
    [Owner]Jackster21: hi there, welcome.
    New Player: is the owner online?
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    Nathan C

    You do know the only reason they do this, is so they can just suck up and eventually try to get mod/admin/op?

    Personally anyone that does that or asks if OP/admin is on, I perm ban. :cool:
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    They probably want to know if the owner is the booby/ass model from all of your ads.
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    Wait hold on, people idolize server owners? Dayum, I need to start logging in with a fancy tag then!
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    We have 2 options, Survival or Freebuild.
    only owners know what their server is! =D
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    This is only one of the many reasons I tend to not let people under 15 on my server. And yea, I can tell how old someone is in maturity years :p
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    Do you obtain their birth certificates?
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    I named my sever have me. My players won't even ask other admins/co-owners because they think since my name is in it, they have to ask me. Now I'm planning on changing the name after I upgrade to 1.8 so that they might start asking other admins...
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    I run a server and made it clear the details of the server and any admins,

    the only time someone has needed me over an admin was cause the server crashed and needed a reboot (though it was actually Brohoster shutting down)

    Oh and earlier today saying 1.8 is out whens the server updated.
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